Fall Accessorizing Ideas Add Warmth and Color

Looking for easy ways to make your home look a little bit more like the season? I find that adding colored foliage, soft, rich fabrics and fall motifs around the house really make a difference for me. It gets me in the spirit of the fall season.


One of my favorite changes is adding large branches of fall leaves. I found these a year or so ago at Pottery Barn and I’m sure more places will have them available this year. Check out your local floral department. I have only four branches because they are so full, and they will fill up any living room with gorgeous autumn hues. I’ve placed them on this coffee table in a room that doesn’t get a lot of activity. But they could be just as dramatic tucked into a corner of a foyer, family room or kitchen!


Another simple change is to remove those bright spring and summer pillows that are made out of silks and polished cottons and replace them with wools, felts and woven fabrics.

Notice that the appliquéd wool pillow is in the same tones as the summer red and orange. Yes, there is the addition of grey, taupe, gold and brown, but that is what gives it the fall feeling.


The appliquéd wool pillows are my favorites. These can be made by hand and are a fun project for the cooler months. They can be a little expensive when true wools are used, but they can also be made out of craft felt if you don’t plan on using them for any activity. They are basically “decoration” and wouldn’t stand up to pillow fights or napping!!


Art work is another quick change. I could see designating areas in your home that may have several pieces of art to fit one particular spot. For instance. In this home, this is a main hallway, everyone passes here to get to the garage and the kitchen. It’s the perfect spot for rotating artwork.


And , now that fall is on it’s way, it’s time to replace this family photo with a cross-stitch of pumpkins.

What could be more appropriate for fall?


Even in a home in the south or southwest, autumn is a time to celebrate. There are so many different colored fall veggies and foliage that you can find beautiful items for your home in just about any color. These pretty gold-toned pumpkins are perfect with the yellow sectional.

Add some green moss as a bed and some pinecones, and you have a look that can carry you from September through November!


Fall centerpieces are also a must, check out our holiday section for seasonal ideas for entry tables, dressers and dining tables a well.


Fireplaces are one of the best decorative backgrounds. Nearly everything looks special attached to, placed on, or set around a fireplace. This simple acorn garland was $7 a strand on sale in September, so I snatched up a few and have enjoyed it for weeks.


And don’t forget the front of your home. Check the holiday section for a variety of suitable fall wreaths for your front door or entryway because why not let everyone who passes your home know that you are in the spirit of the season?


You can also put together a seasonal mailbox spray in just minutes by purchasing a foam and wire frame, some fall leaves, a few special flowers and perhaps some berries or pinecones. Keep this one on through Thanksgiving and then change it out for the winter holidays!


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