Fall Table Setting Ideas That Bring Compliments

With a little extra effort you can create fall table settings that look like they are on display in a store front window or in a designer showhouse.

I think we get extra interested in decorating our homes in the fall because we’ve just finished the summer season where we’ve spent so much time outdoors.  I know I like to cozy things up a bit by adding layers and making my home feel, that word we use, “homey”!


One area to add layers of color and texture is at the dining table.  For instance, in this table setting the lovely patina of the wood table is a fabulous background for autumn colors.  Because it is so pretty, I used three runners across the table instead of one down the center.

Woven placemats help the light plates to stand out on the light linen runners and fun mismatched but co-coordinating napkins wrapped around the water glasses and cinched with a napkin ring give the table some real pizzazz.


You might recognize the centerpiece boxes as a project that Matt has available in the shop section of our site under small projects.  It’s called Decorative Table Trays.

They look great with a medium sized pillar candle in the center and fall fruits, nuts, leaves, even pinecones to add a seasonal touch.

You know you can alter the “filling” of these decorative table trays for any season or holiday in the year.  Christmas ornaments would be lovely, valentine hearts, or how about Easter eggs set in pretty Easter grasses?

1setting3One afternoon we played with creating a table setting for a fun adult Halloween party.  We retained the linen runners and linen napkins along with the wooden decorative table trays.  But, we brought in mini pumpkins to surround the candles.


I was thrilled when I spotted the black woven placemats that looked just like a spider web!  The made the perfect base for our off white plates.  This time we brought in silver goblets for fun and made up a collection of felt bat napkin rings.  We have the pattern for these in our shop!


To add even more fun to the look of the table, you can see Matt and me holding up witch’s brooms that we tied to the backs of the chairs and adorned the corners with witch’s hats.


We topped off the entire setting with leafless branches that we wove into the chandelier!


This shows many of the same materials used to create a dressier table setting more appropriate for Thanksgiving.

Our off white plates are surrounded by small glass beaded wreaths that were just the right size for the plates to sit inside.

Patterned napkins are coupled with the linen ones from before and are dressed up with brushed brass napkin rings.

We toned down our centerpieces by adding faux artichokes which are interesting in design yet subtle in color.  All in all, a lovely table setting for a favorite holiday.


Round tables always seem to look dressiest when covered with a tablecloth.  Depending on the table’s base, go to the floor or stay short to show off details.

Pheasant feathers and gilt decorative objects blend well together for a special centerpiece vignette.


Just look at how nicely the gold-rimmed dinnerware and ivory-handled flatware work with the tablecloth colors and napkin.  It is a feast itself in appetizing autumn hues.

I show you these inspirational photos because when you are attempting to put together your table ware, you need to think about how all of the items will work together, and what you might change out from holiday to holiday.


This isn’t a table setting per se, but generally dining rooms have some sort of serving piece that would also need to be decorated to fit the style of the table setting.

Here some of the more interesting serving pieces are used decoratively and mixed with pine boughs, pinecones and candles.


This is another lovely look for fall that with a simple change of the candles and candle surround could become a perfect table setting for any event all throughout the year.  There’s never anything wrong with a white on white on white color scheme.


Change the candles to white and add a frosty crystal candle surround and you’re ready for a winter celebration.  Pastels and Easter go well together and you could even pull off a red, white and blue scheme since this dining room is painted in a regal Williamsburg blue.


I have always loved the color black.  I guess I must like the idea of drama because that is exactly what black will do for a room.

It doesn’t hurt that the vase is in a warm off white and the floral arrangement is full of all our fall favorites from sunflowers to dried berries.

When you don’t want to keep your table set for appearances sake, make a statement with a centerpiece like the one you see here.



  1. Deb says

    Matt & Shari, I enjoy your weekly newsletters and I miss seeing you on TV. As I have learned much from you two, I thought I’d pass this along. Please let your proof reader know that the past tense of weave is wove. Your article states “We topped off the entire setting with leafless branches that we weaved into the chandelier!” Weaved is used as if “one weaved through traffic.”

    Happy Fall

    • Shari Hiller says

      Thank you so much for the correction. If you ever find anything else like this please let me know. I do use spell check but things do get by even the computer!

  2. Sandy says

    Many of your ideas look interesting, but I’d like to be able to click on the pictures and have them enlarge so I can see more detail.

  3. Judy says

    Dear Shari & Matt, I am so excited that I found your website. I love ALL your decorating ideas and especially all the decorating ideas for the holidays. I was a loyal viewer of yours on Room By Room and I miss it terribly. My favorite shows were your holiday shows. You gave us all a lot of inspiration. Thank you both for all the enjoyment you give to others!

    • Shari Hiller says

      Judy, you are a doll for saying those great comments. We are hoping to have another show one day, we so enjoy doing the projects and teaching! Thanks again.

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