Spring Accessorizing Ideas Add Freshness to Your Home

Pretty birds as spring accessories - MattandShari.com

After the gray of winter we could all use some bright yellow, spring green, pink and lavendar and spring is meant for all that and more!

Ahh, Spring!  That elusive season that arrives when it is good and ready.  Unfortunately that can be anywhere from March in Florida to June in Ohio!  Whether the weather decides to turn warm for you or not, you have the ability to push spring along in your own home by the changes you make around the house to usher it in!

To begin, consider the colors and icons of Spring.  We’re mainly talking pastels of course like pink, lavender, yellow, spring green, and robin’s egg blue.  Think about this collection of colors and which ones would coordinate well with the colors you already have in your décor.  For instance, if you have a mostly blue and white color scheme in your home, spring green and yellow would be great pastel hues to bring in.  You can turn just about any color scheme into a pastel by simply lightening it way down.  Once you have a couple of spring hues to bring into your home, consider what icons you’d like to highlight.

My husband loves bunnies, so we generally bring out all the bunny figurines we can find and mix them in with flowers and greenery.  I’m becoming more and more of a bird lover, so the whole idea of nests, birds and eggs is right up my alley.  We’re working through this issue by bringing the birds in first, then closer to Easter, the bunnies move in for a while and we can always go back to birds if we like!

So with your colors and your icons in mind, consider some of these ideas inspirations, and projects to brighten up your home this beautiful spring season!

Bird and nest spring wreath - MattandShari.com

It’s always a good idea to set the stage at the point where you enter your home.  For some this may be the garage, but I’m talking about your front door.  This month we have a spring grapevine wreath for you to make or modify to work with your colors and design.  The colors here are in the yellow family and the icons are nests, birds and eggs.  However, you can use bunnies, carrots and white narcissus if you like!  This wreath goes together very quickly and uses only a few dramatic items that help keep the cost down but the impact up high!

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Spring table display - MattandShari.com

Once inside, put together spring vignettes that can carry your theme from outside to inside.  Vignettes can be made up of items you already have around the house that have a spring feel to them.  For instance, adding the copper watering can, miniature egg trees and floral tile to this hall table immediately turns an everyday display into a celebration of spring!

Spring inspired china as accessories - MattandShari.com

Even a collection of spring inspired china can create a nice display of color for your home.  No sense hiding the pretty pieces in your china cabinet!  Add a live pot of purple and white crocuses to this display and you’ve got a winner!

Dress up your accessories for Spring - MattandShari.com

Here’s another grouping of items from around the house that can look very spring-like when pulled together and perhaps modified a bit.

This topiary doesn’t ordinarily carry gingham check eggs, but the addition, along with a lavender bow really dresses it up.  Add a watercolor painting of an Easter bonnet and the bunny himself, and you have another instant spring vignette!

Floral boule for Spring - MattandShari.com

Now here’s a fun spring project, a spring boule, or spring sphere!  This is made from a Styrofoam ball then filled with the flowers of your choice and a pretty ribbon for hanging.  It can be hung over a dining table, in a doorway, as a group in front of a bathroom mirror, anywhere your heart desires a little touch of spring!

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While silk flowers indicated spring - MattandShari.com

Speaking of flowers, I have quite a collection of white flowers.  I like them because I fill the house up with them in January to go in the exact opposite direction of my colorful Christmas décor.  It’s soothing and gives me a little feeling of those first spring flowers in the most delicate colors of white.  Spreading them around the house or any other flower for that matter will help bring in a touch of Spring!

Spring floral nest - MattandShari.com

The dining or kitchen table is one place you just must put some sort of spring décor.  At the very least, a spring centerpiece, but consider the idea of keeping to table set.  It definitely draws attention and will shout out your sentiment, “I love Spring!”

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Spring place setting - MattandShari.com

This adorable nest looks great on a dinner plate as spring décor, but you can spread pretty nests like this throughout your home to make beautiful displays.  It’s easy to make and rewarding when you are done!

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Spring treats - MattandShari.com

When the dining table and food is on my mind, you can be sure that sweets are to follow!  Vignettes filled with confections are a fun way for your family to enjoy the season.  Everything you see here is fat free too!   Just kidding!

Light silk pillows for spring - MattandShari.com

Don’t forget the soft items around the house that can be easily updated for the seasons.  Remove the heavy throws and wool pillows and bring in silks and polished cottons instead!

Small lavendar wreath - MattandShari.com

A small lavender wreath hung on a cabinet knob brings us full circle.  This is a nice project for small spaces like a cabinet, a door knob, the handle of a small chest, etc.

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Yellow spring bow - MattandShari.comThroughout the website, bows are used.  These are hand made bows and they look wonderful.  I can teach you how to make gorgeous bows like this one for projects and even gift wrapping!

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When you can, check out all of the projects that are linked here.  In them you will find even more ideas that are easy and inexpensive that can thaw out your home, taking it from winter to spring.



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