Summer Decorating Ideas to Lighten Your Rooms

summer1Looking to bring a little summer to your home?  Here are a few suggestions that are economical, easy to do, and are quick so you have more time for summertime fun!

Big bold summer color striped fabric make great pillow covers for your current sofa pillows.  Make them out of washable cotton canvas for easy care throughout the summer months.

Get extra yards if you can and make some quick no sew side panels for your windows, or even a new shade or topper!


Alternately, use plain fabrics to replace patterned ones to simplify the look of your interior.  There are many different types of slipcovers you could use just for the summer months.  This draws the eyes outward towards the summer beauty.


Nothing says summer more than sand, shells and coral.  This is a great time to fill vases with white sand and top it off or layer it with shells.  Add candles to the sand and use as centerpieces.  Shells alone or collections in dishes, shells as napkin rings or tiny ones sewn onto placemats, used with roping as drapery tiebacks or glues around picture frames and mirrors.

I do like the idea of taking down heavy draperies and leaving the windows bare or adding bamboo shades or even sheers if some privacy is needed.  This is a good time to dry clean your normal draperies and just hang them in a closet until fall.

Along the same line, roll up your area rugs and get them cleaned as well.  Leaving the floors bare is cooling on the toes and really changes the way your rooms will look and feel.


If you have storage, this is a great time to change out some of your art.  Beach scenes, cottages, sailing and Adirondack chairs are great subject matter for summer art.  Save some money and paint them yourself or find a summertime calendar or bargain beach book and frame up a few new pieces.

Summer is a great time to rearrange the furniture.  Face the pieces towards the lovely outdoors and away from fireplaces and TV’s!


Sailing and boating always reminds me of summer, and I like to collect model sailboats.  For many years I had a cathedral ceiling great room with one of the tall walls filled with sailboats….LOVED it!  Now I’m down to just a few, but I find places to put them that catch my eye and remind me of the water and sea breezes.


Fireplaces can look cold and uninviting in the summer.  Matt and I have filled them with white birch logs to lighten them up, we’ve added big containers of summer flowers, like geraniums, and we’ve even painted fun summer scene screens to simply cover up that big black hole.  At this fireplace, the addition of the carved, rustic dog figure blocks off most of the dark hole and keeps your attention outside the fireplace.

Other simple adjustments include exchanging dark and heavy leather and wood accessories for glass and light baskets.


Of course we can’t forget the addition of fresh flowers for the summer.  They’re a natural!

All in all, the idea is to remove the layers, lighten up windows, brighten your accessories, and eliminate clutter in both fabrics and decorative items around the house.  A streamlined look will seem cooler, crisper and more like a beautiful, breezy summer day!


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