How to Design a Tailored Look for Your Home

A tailored look in interior design is like that of a man’s suit; crisp, neat, and uncluttered. It makes for a very easy atmosphere to live in.

tailor1Recently, Matt and I stayed in a hotel with this very style and I documented it with photos and thought you might like to see it since it is a very nice, refined look. And, when your home is put together like a neat suit, it eliminates clutter and can be uplifting without the weight of too many accessories and items out of place.


As you can see above, the room was done in a simple color palette of beige, blue and red.  The background of the room was in the soft, textured beige tone wall covering making it very comfortable and restful.  It was light enough to be bright but not so white as to seem sterile.


Because the walls were light, the carpet could be dark, and this helped to “ground” the room.  Of course I’m sure dark carpet in a hotel room makes a lot of sense, but even in a home, this carpet would be striking.  The herringbone pattern is a traditional fabric design for men’s suits and always looks classic. Put a carpet like this in a home office, family room, male teen room, even a guest room for a neat, pulled together look.

You can just see the edge of the night stand in the picture.  I caught that edge so you could see how pretty the “rusty brown” of the wood was with the deep blue carpeting.  Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel and because both of these are unsaturated (or muted) colors from those families, they work beautifully together.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the drapery fabric was the inspiration for this room.  The large red and white grid on the navy is also a very classic design called a “windowpane” design.  The color scheme blends nicely with the blue and beige herringbone of the carpet.  These two very different patterns work well together because they are in different scales. The windowpane is large and the herringbone is a medium scale print.

You may notice that the draperies have a contrasting vertical band of red along the edge.  This is nice detail and really stands out with the white sheers.  This red fabric is repeated in the room in the guest chair that sits next to the windows. (Notice that the sheers are striped, albeit white on white, but it is another pattern!)

To dress the window treatments up even more, there was a lovely wood stained cornice above each of them with some box trim detailing.  I don’t believe the wood was very high quality, but the overall look was impressive.


The armchair that was in the room was covered in the same fabric as the accent on the draperies, a nice tie in.  Plus, the red chair really stood out nicely in the room against the dark carpet and draperies.  You can see that an accessory pillow made out of the drapery fabric was used on the chair.


I know you’ve heard me say that the details make the difference, and you can witness that here with the detailing on the chair.  The perfect line of the upholstery tacks takes some precision and this detail followed the curve of the entire back of the chair.  This was very impressive and perfect in this tailored style room.


The bedspread in the room was also a blue, slightly lighter, but certainly in the same red-based blue family.  It was a simple pinstripe created by sheen.  One stripe was a satin stitch and appeared shiny while the other stripe was more matte in finish.

You see that the linens were white, and again I think this was simple hotel policy, but nice nevertheless. As is done in many hotels, there were two bed pillows, two pillows in white shams and one white accessory pillow.


Even the wall mounted lamps were impressive.  The no-nonsense rectangular shades looked clean and neat.  And, instead of a simple metal arm holding up the shade, this one had a leather band around it.  Let’s hope it was imitation, but it was a darn good copy if it was.


One other thing that impressed me about this room was the closet.  It was different than any other hotel closet I have ever seen.  It appeared to be a built in piece of furniture rather than an ordinary closet.  You can see that there were two upper doors for hanging long garments and when the doors were opened, there were mirrors on the inside – always a nice detail.  Below were two drawers and two shelf spaces.  The inside of the cabinet was painted black and it did make my clothes look bright and beautiful…and honestly, the light in the entry that you can see was enough to light the whole closet.

The room made my visit to Indianapolis extra special and I’ll be sure to search out this hotel the next time I’m in the area.


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