Is Grey the New Hot Color for 2014?

Grey Show House Room

Last week I visited a Designer Show House in our area and found one color that was a common thread throughout most of the home. That color is “grey”. This room was all done in varying shades of it and other rooms had it as accents or backgrounds or in details.  I took lots of photos and I’ll show you more of what was in the house because I think Show Houses are a wonderful way to see what designers are thinking about at the moment.  By the way, although plum was used in this room, orange was the hot accent to go with grey! Anyone out there willing to change their rooms to this chic neutral?


  1. Jill Bailey says

    I noticed this trend when we were looking to decorate our son’s nursery a few years ago and was amazed at all the grey nurseries I saw! They looked nice, but I just couldn’t do it. They usually had a pop of color – yellow or pink or white. We opted for bright green and light blue accents instead. :)

  2. McKenna says

    I am staging my home for sale..and in the process, I feel like I have done a complete re-do. The whole place is grey with white trim – while each room has a different accent color: Grey with red and black, grey with lime, grey with blue, grey with purple and a touch of forest green. grey with burgundy. I would never have chosen a grey with white trim before (more of a beige with cream person so far)… but this is really growing on me. Instant slickness.

  3. Kathleen says

    I know someone that has a kitchen painted in a light grey, with white cabinets and lots of windows it was very light. Recently saw a 1957 movie , in one scene the living room was a dark grey with sofa and chair in a tangerine, orange color. Not sure if that would work in all spaces.

  4. Lisa says

    I converted a bedroom to an office and it only has 1 window so I painted the walls a light gray and have black furniture and accents of greens/tans. Also have a lot of silvers on lamps and various décor items, which lightens it up. Luv it!

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