Meet My Eagle

Eagle In My Tree

Well, he’s not MY eagle, but he is in MY tree! What a wonderful surprise to see this beautiful bird soar across the yard and land in the tree right above my head! He obviously wasn’t afraid of me or any of the other people standing around me, and he posed for pictures like he’d done it a hundred times before. I love being a part of nature and hope that this is the first of many visits he makes to my tree. How about you?  Is there a lovely creature that visits you on occasion? We’d love to hear about it!


  1. Christie says

    Hello Shari and Welcome Back!!! Your website has been sorely missed. Thank you for sharing a photo of this regal bird. Yes, nature certainly is beautiful. I am also looking forward to receiving your emails just filled with great ideas! Oh, how I miss “Room by Room” it was the first HGTV show I ever watched and was hooked on you guys from then on! Best wishes, Christie

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