Octogenarian Birthdays Are the Best

Birthday Cake for Jeanne

I have gone to several octogenarian birthday’s in the last month and I want to make some comments about the birthday boys and girls and their friends. In every aspect, the people I met and spoke with were exemplary people. They were kind, they looked in my eyes as they spoke to me, they seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and proved it by making appropriate comments in return.  They arrived on time, they left when the party’s were over, but not before offering to help in any way.  One of the parties, I was the host, and I received many thanks and gratitude for the invitation.  The next day I received phone calls thanking me again for the lovely time they had….I want to be a kind, respectful, interesting, caring person like they were.  They set a lovely example for my children and I just felt that I needed to shout out the qualities of our older generation.  Let’s give them the respect they are due!! Thoughts?


  1. says

    to Shari and Matt,
    My thanks and deep appreciation for acknowledging
    those of us of another era.
    I hope this goes through as I cannot connect with
    you on internet; continuing your talents, and
    kind and pleasant characters are just great! Thank you
    for all your efforts! I only wish
    we could buy dvd of your old programs.

  2. Mary Lee Rossmaessler says

    Hooray! My parents and their friends are also in the octo group. As a middle-aged (!) person, the manners were taught to me and my siblings friends/classmates by their parents.

    These good manners, people skills and kindness should never go out of style. We’ll all hope we get to the octo + so we can continue to teach.

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