Unique Water Shut-Off Position

Water Shut-Off Valve Placement

I took a photo of this in my friend T.J.’s model home, because I thought it was such a smart idea. I have spent many agonizing hours trying to paint around, tape around, wallpaper around, and upholster around the water shut-off under the commode. You’ve done this haven’t you? You try laying on the commode, squishing your body between the commode and the vanity or the tub…argh! It’s nearly impossible to get your brush in the right position and taping around it is impossible. Well, just look at this solution.  Sure, when painting the trim you would have to still paint around it, but we change the walls more often than we change the trim, so this eliminates hours of agony. T.J., you’re a genius! Anyone else have similar genius ideas to share?

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