Easy Kids Spring Crafts from Construction Paper


No matter what season it is, construction paper is a fun tool for all sorts of great kid’s crafts.

Even Matt can get into the spirit of kid’s crafts.  Why not?  It’s always a good time to take a break from making a living, keeping the house in order and cooking meals….right?  Well we sure think so.  Here’s how it went down.  I was traveling to Matt’s house for a home show and we knew this would be a good opportunity to get some video taping in.  I gave Matt the shopping list for the crafts and I have to admit, he did a marvelous job.  It’s been a while since we did this stuff for room by room, but he didn’t skip a beat.  He purchased the prettiest colors of construction paper and then we had a blast.  We created both a spring chain and some fun Easter eggs to hang around the house.  We think you’ll have just as much fun as we did!


Materials List:

  • Colorful construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Templates
  • White copier paper
  • Cutting board (is helpful)
  • Double stick tape or glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon



1.  Start by creating your egg shapes out of white copier paper or white construction paper.  I used a dessert plate for the round bottom of the egg and then I freehanded the top part of the egg by creating a bit of an oval.


2.  Spend some time finding objects around the house that will make different sized polka dots.  We used the inside of a tape roll, a pill container and others.  We also have a paper cutter for cutting strips of paper.  This was a big help for the stripes, but not necessary.


3.  Then, using the different sized polka dots and different width stripes you have made, decorate your egg!!  We held the pieces on with double stick tape.  Curly ribbon threaded through a hole punched in the top of the egg works great for hanging and really dresses up the eggs.  Think about this….if you are hanging this in a window, consider doing both sides!


Another nice project for spring that the littlest ones can enjoy is simply making a paper chain.  An adult can easily cut the strips; ours measured about 2” wide by 9” long.  Just vary the width and length to get the look you want.  We also alternated color with plain white copier paper.


If you are making the chain with small children, just let them wrap the tape around the outside where the strip ends overlap.  It’s not that big of a deal.  We have used double stick between the ends before so the tape doesn’t show but actually it doesn’t hold as well as doing it this way.


Paper chains and multicolored paper eggs can look wonderful all around your home.  Let your kids know you are proud of their work by displaying them prominently!

Happy Spring!


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