Kids Can Make Painted Rocks For Gifts


These painted rocks could be colorful paperweights, adorable little reminders on your desk, or painted with cute words to place inside luch boxes and briefcases. 

On our show about a colorful exterior we briefly showed you some cute little painted rocks.  Well, those were returned to their owner and I didn’t get a good photo of them so I’m showing you a cute collection I found from a great website called “The Crafty Crow: a children’s craft collective”.  Here’s the address:

Well, I just want to say it’s as easy as purchasing acrylic craft paints and giving your kids a bunch of small artist’s brushes and letting them go crazy.  What I found out about the bowl of rocks you see above is that they added felt to the bottom of the rocks so they could play with them on a coffee table without harming the surface of the wood.  By painting cars and houses and trees and people, you can create an entire neighborhood and have great fun imagining different scenarios.


Here in Florida, rocks aren’t so plentiful, but shells are!  Thus, we put our creative ideas down on shells we find along the beach and let them brighten up our exteriors as well. These shells were painted by a friend of mine, Denise.  She is quite the artist and really has a great sense of color.  Keep it up Denise!

Children are always looking for things to do to keep themselves entertained.  This is a wonderful project because they can start at the very beginning, actually finding the rocks or shells, they can go through the cleaning process (a little soap and water is a good idea before adding paints), waiting for them to dry, choosing color and subject, then the actual process of painting.  WOW!  You can keep them busy for hours.  “Cameron!  I have something for you to do!”


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