Add Custom Touches to an Internet Nursery

Internet Nursery 1

I love decorating kid’s rooms.  You can decorate around a theme, and add great accessories, many of which can be purchased at the toy store (my kind of shopping).

I must admit, though, I’m not as fond of decorating nurseries.  Pastels don’t really do much for me, and stuffed bunnies and lambs just can’t compete with action figures and remote controlled cars.  Trying to think of the perfect nursery theme gives me a headache.

Recently, however, Shari introduced me to a new way of shopping for a nursery items.  The Internet!  No more traipsing through isles of diapers and bibs to get find the perfectly themed room.  Instead, you can find thousands of companies that offer furnishings, themed bedding, and accessories to match. And, they offer way more than the typical patchwork baby quilt.  Of course, you can find the traditional barn yard theme, but you’ll also find frogs, fish, and jungle animals. There are small floral prints, but English Garden and French Country are also available.  We know that teddy bears can make a cute nursery theme, but how about bugs and butterflies?  Looking for a Wild West theme?  No problem.  Tired of nursery rhymes and fairy tales?  How about a Hawaiian theme instead?

Well, we put internet shopping to the test recently when we decorated a nursery for a couple expecting their first child.  They knew the baby was a boy, but wanted the nursery to remain gender neutral so that it could also be used for future brothers or sisters. We decided on a jungle theme, and although we used many manufactured decorating items, through the use of color, a chair rail, and window shutters, we were still able to create a one-of-a-kind nursery.

Internet Nursery 2I couldn’t believe how easily the room came together.  The quilt we chose had matching bumper pads and window treatments.  We chose the unusual wall colors directly from the bedding, and created the look of a chair rail with a matching border.  We even used a matching mobile and wall hangings.

Internet Nursery 3

The room looked great when we finished, but I wanted to add something special for the baby.  I decided to make a giraffe growth chart.  Check out the instructions if you want to make one for yourself. It’s there in the corner with its head cut off – sorry! But it turned out adorable and works great!

Internet Nursery 4Other personal touches that we added included a striped area rug with all of the colors from the comforter, a pretty cushion on the rocker, and these homemade shutters for the window.

These were simple to make, using pine boards cut to size and then personalized with the hearts and scalloped edge using my jigsaw.  Add some paint and a few hinges, and you’ve made a custom window covering.

Do you have a nursery to decorate?  Consider using the internet to purchase bedding and accessories.  You’ll save so much time that you’ll be able to create your own growth chart.  Although I used a giraffe for this project, you could easily adapt it to your own design.  Just use the bedding as inspiration.

Since Shari introduced me to internet shopping, I’m beginning to change my opinion about decorating nurseries.  But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed.  Trying to choose only one design from all the great choices really gives me a headache.


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