Kid’s Room Bubble Painting Technique

What child doesn’t like playing with bubbles?  Well, you can try adapting one of your child’s favorite evening pastimes into a daily occurrence by creating a room full of bright, happy bubbles all over their walls.  It’s like taking a bubble bath all day long!

Bubble Painting 1You can probably tell by looking at it, but I’ll mention it anyway, this technique takes a long time to complete.  Notice that it is located above a painted wainscoting – thus less space to cover.  Also, remember that larger circles take up more space than smaller ones and can help move the project along.

Materials  List:

  • Circle templates or stencils
  • Stencil Brushes
  • Several variations of latex satin paint in one color family or stencil paints
  • Painter’s blue tape
  • Drop cloth


1.       Make sure the background paint is in good shape, clean and ready to be painted over.

2.       Apply painter’s blue tape to protect the chair rail or baseboards. Place a drop cloth on the floor to create a staging area for the paint and to protect the flooring.

3.       Starting with the largest circle, and the lightest color paint, place the stencil or template against the wall, and, holding it with one hand, swirl the stencil paint in the circle opening until proper coverage is achieved.

4.       Continue in this fashion around the entire room, filling in more bubbles at the bottom of the wall, and fewer as the wall approaches the ceiling.

5.       Select a smaller circle and continue with the lightest color until you are satisfied that you have enough of that color bubble on the wall.

6.       Move on to darker paint colors and vary the size of the bubbles with them as well until the room is filled to the brim with bubbles!

Make sure to clean off the stencil or template when the paint builds up around the edges.  This will help keep all the edges of the bubbles crisp and well defined.

If at all possible, get a friend to help.  It will make the time go faster and aren’t projects just a little bit more fun when you are doing them with a friend?


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