Try a Tropical Theme for Your Teen Bedroom


Check out this before and after which shows a boring teen bedroom with many issues transformed into a sophisticated yet fun tropical paradise!

This teen’s room wasn’t the greatest.  It had many issues including the fact that it was extremely narrow as you can see from the photo.  The end wall was so marred, this family had added fabric wrapped homosote boards over the top to cover up the damaged wall.

As you can see, this teen took advantage of the tack surface, but there was a lack of storage in such a narrow space – just a closet - and of course no personality whatsoever!


We decided to really pump up the style in this room by going with a theme selected by this teen.  She was interested in the patterns of Hawaiian shirts, and we thought we could pull together quite a nice space with that as our inspiration.

By gathering a collection of Hawaiian shirts to hang in the room, we were able to locate similar patterns on a comforter cover and bold sham and were thrilled to find a “grass skirt” dust ruffle.


We covered the walls with a neutral but textured grass cloth and replaced the furniture with darker woods and woven textures.


As you can see, we created an interesting pattern at the top of the wall all the way around the room.  We did this by cutting squares out of the grasscloth and hanging them on the diagonal.  We trimmed this band out with dark wood trim and this helped to visually lower the ceiling, making the room seem a bit less narrow.


Matt made a custom headboard for this room using poplar with a dark stain and insetting pieces of woven material that we ordered to match the woven shade we hung at the window.


The bench and tropical plant add to the comfort and interest in this room and our teen couldn’t have been more pleased.


There is no greater decorating joy than when your client (be them adult or child) LOVES their new space.  With this one we scored a full “Aloha”!

FYI, we did add a tall chest to the room on the left just this side of the window and added a closet storage system to make the space that was available as functional as possible.

Here’s hoping all your before and afters are as satisfying!


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