Kids Can Design Their Own Colorful T-Shirts


Don’t let this plain Jane green T-shirt fool you.  With the use of the six fabric paint pens you see, this T-shirt became a masterpiece at the hands of my 11 year old son! 

That’s right, I let him loose on the T-shirts and he did marvelous things.

My family was visiting friends for a week in the country – in fact we dubbed our vacation, “Camp Edwards”.  We knew we would be riding around on four wheelers, shooting arrows at a target, picking black raspberries and sitting by a campfire at night.

Materials List:

  • Appropriate sizes of T-shirts
  • Fabric Paint Pens


With these visions of ultimate boy fun dancing in his head, these T-shirts were born.  We added badges using the fabric pens on each of our sleeves as the week progressed.  And, I’m happy to say, though we had to wash our shirts several times during the week, the markings stayed put!


And this is just the beginning of the fun with T-shirts and kids. Take alook at these shirts meant for summer fun!


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