Easy No Sew Pet Pillows Made from Fleece

To many families, their pets are their kids and they pamper them just like they were one of them.  Well, these fleece pet pillows are the ultimate in pet comfort – you’ll see, it’ll take about a minute for them to figure it out!

For years Matt and I have been concentrating all our efforts on making people comfortable in their homes.  We concentrated on helping them choose the right colors, the most functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture and then helped them understand what accessories made sense for them so they could really express themselves.


Well today, I am finally advancing into the animal kingdom! Matt has already gone the extra mile because last season he built a dog house.  So this season, I’m making pet pillows!  Matt wanted to be here to help until he heard the word pillows and that was the last I saw of him!

But any way, these are super easy to make and fun for your pets to use.  Just grab 2 yards of your favorite or should I say your pets favorite fleece pattern.  My cats like bold colors, so I thought this fuchsia would be very nice.


Fold the fleece in half lengthwise and cut two equal pieces.  We are going to cut two circles which will be the top and bottom of the pillow.  To cut a nice round circle, just fold each piece into quarters and take a fabric measuring tape or even a yardstick will work and place the end at the corner fold.  Now measure along one edge to see how big a radius you can cut out.

Ours measures 13 ½” inches.  So, I am going to move this tape measure in a quarter circle, holding the end here at the fold.  I’ll mark every so often using this marker.  I’ll just make sure when I cut out the circle that I cut off the marker.


OK, when the marking is complete, cut out the circle.  A good sharp scissor should move through the layers just fine.  (Disregard the seam running through my pillow – I had to piece mine to have enough fabric – you won’t!)


Once you have two circles, make sure they line up just right, and then pin them together about 4-6 inches in from the edge.  Now we are going to cut the fringe.  I cut in about 4-5” at the quarter marks and aim my scissors towards the center.  Then I cut in the middle of the quarter towards the center and continue in that fashion until I have fringe about 1” thick all along the edged.  Because you are aiming towards the center with each cut, the fringe will be narrower towards the middle.


When the fringe is cut all the way around, it’s time to start tying it.  Just grab a top and bottom coordinating fringe piece and tie them together.  Just remember the process you use for tying so that the knots all the look the same all the way around.  Tie them tight because this is basically the stitching all the way around the pillow.


Make sure to leave a few undone so you can stuff the pillow.  You can buy nice size bags of polyester Fiberfil at your local sewing store and there is plenty to stuff even a large pillow like this one.  Just grab handfuls of Fiberfil from the bag and stuff it into the pillow.  I do like to purposely put the filling in and up to the edges so I know the pillow is filled evenly, so there is a bit of a system to it.


Then, when the pillow is complete, it will look something like this.  My pink pillow required sewing because I had previously cut my fleece into smaller squares for another project and these were left over.  If you want to make a patchwork look for the top of your pet pillow you can, a couple additional blocks in different colors would be kind of nice.

Now don’t mention this to Matt, but this could just as easily be an accessory pillow!   It’s soft, easy to make, and comes in all sorts of fun colors.  Hey, what a fun project this would be for kids at a sleepover.  They could all make their own pillows for the night.   Or have your church group make up a bunch for the local help center.  I know ours is always in need of bedding and pillows.

Anyway, a pillowed pet is a happy pet, and it was soooo simple!


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