Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

You’ve packed your Moving Day box, right? Well if not, you need to read these moving day tips! Moving tips need to start at the current house and then “move” to the new house, so here goes…

Packing Materials for Moving

Packing the boxes!

* Don’t over pack boxes.  It’s better for your health to take more trips and survive the move without injury!

*Label the boxes for where the boxes should be put in the NEW location.

Protecting both homes and furnishings.

*Whenever you move, cardboard boxes are part of the paraphernalia you have around.  One of the first things I do is to cut up a couple boxes to create “runners” in the areas that really count by the entrance, up stairs, etc.  These flat box runners should be taped to the floor with a light tack masking tape. Then, either pull them up and toss them into the truck or save a couple boxes or even quickly empty a few kitchen boxes, (snacks especially!) and cut the boxes up to protect the floors in the new home before dirty feet and rolling carts can get to them.

Use Runners When Moving

There are also rolls of heavy plastic runner material that can quickly be rolled out and adhered to hard surface floor and especially to carpeting.  However, you or the movers must stay on them!  I have used packing blankets to cover all the exposed carpeting to protect it, and this works well, but you still might want to tape the edges together to prevent tripping.

*Special pieces of furniture or antiques should be wrapped in packing blankets to protect the fabric from getting dirty or the wood from getting scratched.  Then, if extra packaging is required, box it up or move it separately.

Protect yourself!

Use Rollers When Moving

*Obviously NEVER pick up a heavy piece of furniture using your back.  In fact, very few pieces have to be lifted and carried if you have the proper equipment.  A tall rolling dolly (like you see above) with rubber wheels can hold everything from heavy boxes to armoires and sofas.  This way just lift one end high enough to get the dolly underneath it, use straps to secure the piece to the dolly, and roll it away! Same goes for flat dollies for the even bigger pieces.

* Matt and I have had incredible success with the plastic furniture glides for over carpet as well as the “fur” covered glides that are for moving furniture over wood floors.  All it takes is a bit of oomph to get a heavy piece lifted enough to get the glides underneath.  After that…a baby could move the armoire or a queen size bed with mattress and box springs.  It’s amazing!

Getting to the new house.

*Try your best to pack the truck with the boxes and furniture for the rooms furthest away from the entrance last, then they will be the first ones to leave the truck.  Move them to the faraway rooms following the labels you put on the boxes.  That way you aren’t tripping over stuff as you move things in.

Pack an extra Moving Day box.

*In the box have food delivery menus so you can plan ahead what will be done about meals for moving day.  There’s nothing worse than being tired AND hungry!

*Have paper plates and silverware, glasses, etc., in the box.  You might want to bring some snacks and water or sodas to grab quickly to refresh.

*Maybe include the sheets to your beds and towels for showering with soap and shampoo, toothpaste, etc. You might even think about throwing in a new pair of PJ’s for everyone for the first night in your new home!

First Things First!

*Plan to set up the beds and make them early in the day… If you create the moving day box, you’ll know right where the sheets are.  Believe me, you won’t feel like building beds and searching for sheets at midnight!

The next morning.

*Remind yourself it all doesn’t have to be done in one day!

What if things DO get damaged?

*Never fear, there are wonderful products on the market to touch up little scratches and nicks.  Many of them come in “crayon” form.  Just match the crayon color to the wood finish and rub the colored waxy material into the scratch and voila….where did that scratch go?

I’ve moved over a dozen times since college and I’ve learned something new every time! Best of luck with your exciting move. Take photos and document this big event in your lives!



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