How to Create Your Own Vacation Memory Wall


Instead of putting those great vacation photos into an album in the bookcase, how about framing the best ones and making a vacation memory wall for all to see!

Boy was I into scrapbooking a couple of years ago.  I think I’d still be into it if I had the time.  Let’s hope those days return.  In the meantime, I was stockpiling vacation photos for the past, oh I don’t know, 10 years! So, I decided that it was ridiculous to keep them on a shelf when I could hang them up for everyone to enjoy.

It seems that we have our favorite places to go and I’ll bet you do too.  You find a spot that just resonates with you and you yearn to go back.  Well, it’s like that for us in Bar Harbor, Williamsburg, areas out west and others.  So, I’ve combined the best photos from the trips that show the landscape, a special destination, and of course us in some of the photos.

Now this is a tricky proposition because, depending on how much wall space you have, the space allocated to one location may be rather small.  To combat this, I’ve hung pictures up so high I needed a ladder to hang them. I make sure they are viewable from a standing position on the floor and so far everything is working out just fine.

I did have to purchase frames and mattes for the photos that I printed at home on my photo printer, but when you start comparing the costs to scrapbooking costs, they run just about the same.


I tried to keep all the frames within a destination about the same color tone so they blend well and really only use anywhere from two to six framed photos per destination.


I have even painted watercolors of different things from photos from our trips.  I’ve interspersed those too and it gives my vacation wall even more personality.


Because I like texture and depth in my arrangements, I found some fairly inexpensive wall mounted shelves to add to the display and they serve two purposes.  They help to divide one destination from another, and then they offer a spot to set a piece of memorabilia from the trip if I so desire.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought this through until now so I don’t really have anything to sit on the shelves.  However the good news is, it gives me a goal to work towards and that means is more vacations!


The last step in each destination area is a label of where we are.  Of course we know exactly where we are in each photo, but visitors wouldn’t.  In fact, I didn’t mention that this vacation wall is located in our guest room where our friends and family are “vacationing” with us!  It all makes sense – at least to me. So, I have purchased lettering to add to the wall to indicate if we are in Bar Harbor or out west.  Although anyone who knows their geography will figure it out since the Bar Harbor photos are in the northeast corner of the wall and Captiva Island is in the southeast.  Alaska will go high and left while Hawaii will be low and left.  Get it?

Well, you may have been able to tell from my photos that I’m not finished yet.  I have everything north, south, east and west of the Pecos to do yet.  Hahahaha!  Just kidding, the west is yet to come but I couldn’t help using that line from an old cartoon.

I hear you thinking…either she’s nuts or she has too much time on her hands.  And thank goodness I do so I can create all these crazy, but wonderful “love of family” projects for you to read, try and hopefully enjoy!


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