Use a Glass Bowl to Make a Layered Salad


Layering your salad in a glass bowl does absolutley nothing for the taste – it’s all for the appearance, and it looks fabulous!

After 23 years of marriage and many, many requests, my husband finally bought me a wooden salad bowl for Christmas. I’ve been serving salad in a crummy metal bowl with a couple of soup spoons forever! Well, wouldn’t you know it, a couple of months ago I came across a picture of a salad, just like the salads I’ve been making all these years, no special ingredients, but it was being served in a glass container….in layers!!

Wow! Talk about a great way to make a salad look interesting again! It was beautiful! Now I think this could be done on a single serving basis so everyone can have their salad custom made if you like, (each person in my family has certain, “don’t’ you dare put that in my salad” items), or you could put this in a large glass bowl and it would be lovely in the center of your table.


When you are creating your layers, my suggestion is to repeat the lettuce layer several times so there is more bulk to the salad, and not just vegetables! No special instructions here, just use your favorite salad fixin’s and give your old stand-by….a little twist!


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