Try A Fun Tasting Party For Something Different

1tasting1It sounds like there won’t be enough to eat, but there will be plenty left overs if you’ve done it right!

What is a tasting party?  Well, the ladies will get it, but the guys will think there’s just not going to be enough food!! Here’s the idea, offer up a larger variety of foods to try, but in smaller quantities; almost as if every item offered is an appetizer. This creates a dynamic atmosphere for the party where everyone can relax, try new dishes, make comments and comparisons and really keep the party going! I haven’t done a party yet, but I am in the process of planning one, so I’ll let you in on what I’m planning.

I’ve decided that I need to theme the party so the foods I choose make sense together and I can also decorate around the theme.  I’m writing this in September, so a fall theme would be perfect. (I already have some of my fall décor in place so I can check that off my list of things to do!)


OK, so it’s on to the menu.  I like the idea of a couple appetizers, a couple soups, a couple main dishes (casserole types perhaps so sides aren’t necessarily needed) and a couple of desserts.  I even purchased a recipe book that gives you tips on presentation, recipes that go well together and portion suggestions.  The book is called “Just Tasting” and it’s by Robert Zollweg.  His website address is  I’m thinking I’ll select a few recipes of his as well as some of my own recipes that I’m familiar with and know are very good.


While I am considering different recipes, I also need to consider how each item will be served.  At a tasting party, many of the foods are served in miniature bowls or on tiny plates.  You can use ramekins, small dessert bowls; maybe even drink ware for soup or casserole tastings.


However, there is an entire line of tasting party ware that is available at Pier 1 Imports and I’ve seen it at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well.

Depending on the number of guests you invite, this could be an expensive undertaking – just in dishes!  So, I’ve been considering the gorgeous new designs of paper plates, plastic drink ware, and even plastic flatware.  It comes in colors and I could make quite a nice display of fall hues.  I’d probably select solid colors for the plates and bowls, but dress up the event with patterned napkins.

One of my girlfriends suggested making it a potluck tasting party where each couple brings something to divide up and taste.  That way all the pressure and work isn’t completely on the hostess.  Don’t you love friends like that?


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