How to Make it Snow in Warmer Climates


All you need to do to make it snow in a warmer climate is add snow accessories in just about every corner of your home!

Finally, it’s snowing in Florida!  I’ve missed the snow so much since my move to Florida a few years ago, that I’ve decided to use “snow” as my theme for my holiday décor.

What do I mean when I say I’m “theming” my holiday décor?  Well, basically, I’m making sure that everything I put up in the house this year has something to do with snow!  What this does for your home is to tie everything together, making your holiday décor create a strong statement.  This will really tie your home together much nicer during the holidays and help to eliminate that bargain basement, little bit of everything look.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had that bargain basement look many years because my kids loved the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” figurines, I have a snow village that we always set up, there are the Jim Shore Santas and then we had the crazy Kringles tree decorations.  It was quite a jumble and believe me, everyone loved it.

I just decided this year that since I put up all the decorations (and I am in my 6th day of working on it both inside and out), I should be able to decide what I want to display.  I’ve put my foot down and decided that “snow” is our theme and here’s what I’ve done so far.

The Christmas tree always goes up first because it really gets us all in the mood.  This happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  While others are shopping ‘til they drop, I’m decorating ‘til I drop!!

This year the tree went up faster because I bought a new one with the lights already installed on the branches.  Wow, what a difference that makes.  It used to take me a day to put up just the lights.  If you are still wrapping each and every branch with lights, I highly recommend a pre-lit tree.  Quick, go donate your unlit tree to Goodwill or some local charity, and treat yourself to an easier Christmas!


To make the tree the “snowy” delight I was looking for, I pulled out my supply of snowflake ornaments from previous years, but I knew that more would be needed.  The snowflakes looked great against the deep green of the tree and the twinkly white lights, but I decided to add red to the tree to give it a little more life.  I pulled out all the solid red and red with white ornaments that I could find.


At the moment, there is a Santa on top of our tree, but I’m getting an indication from family members that the red star that I have may be a better choice….we’re working through that one!

I also placed my tree on a wooden stand that my son and I made so the tree would sit up higher and in his words, “We can fit bigger presents under it!”

I covered the base with the old red coverlet from my bed hoping something will happen to it and I’ll have to buy something new for my bedroom….sneaky!  Although I will say, my husband already recognized it.  It’s getting harder and harder to slip stuff by him!

The red poinsettias along the back are hiding the outlet and electrical cords.


Another project that brought the snow to Florida was our annual gingerbread house making event on Thanksgiving.  This year my Mom got involved, so there were two houses in the works, hers and Brit’s, and Cam decided to decorate a gingerbread train this year. He lost interest early and ate most of his candy and I think this might be his last year for ginger breading!


In a small room off my husband’s office, I put up a tiny table top tree.  It is flocked with snow and filled with miniature snowmen ornaments.


Then, at the base of the tree I spread some fiberfill to look like the tree is sitting in a snowdrift then added a couple of framed snowmen (which are recycled Christmas cards) and a little snowman sculpture to finish it off.  While he’s busy on the phone making a living I think he sneaks a peak now and then to bring some Christmas joy!


If you’ve looked around our website at all, you know that I’ve been making paper snowflakes for several years to add to my Christmas display.  Well, of course, this couldn’t be more perfect for my “snow” theme.  Last year I hung them above my fireplace and from my chandeliers.
This year, if I can get up high enough on the ladder, I’m going to hang the snowflakes from the ceiling above my Christmas tree to make it seem as though it really is snowing and the snowflakes are landing on my tree!  I’m a nut, I know…


I also purchased a few strings of snowflake lights that have about 8 or 9 snowflakes dangling from the wires.  They light up and look great lining the perimeter of my lanai.  During the day, not so great; at night – just like a Florida snowstorm!!


Last, and this wasn’t planned by any means, my son created what looked like drifted snow in our whirlpool bath tub.  I told him to wash his hair and the next thing we heard was, “DAD, Help…the bubbles!”

Honestly, I don’t know what else to do to get that warm and cozy feeling inside that cold, sparkling snow brings when it’s on the outside.  I guess I could always crank up the air conditioning, turn out all the house lights except for the tree and outdoor snowflakes, cuddle up under a warm blanket and instead of dreaming of sugar plums….I’d be dreaming of snow!

Merry Christmas!


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