How To Sew Felt Chicks and Bunnies for Easter

Felt Chicks and Bunnies

We dare you to make just one of these adorable felt bean bag sweeties – we promise they’re addicting!

I would be in crafter’s heaven if one of the felt companies would give me a job creating crafts out of felt! I love sewing and crafting with the bright fun colors and am thrilled that the stuff is inexpensive.  I most often work with the 9” by 12” rectangular sheets and I think they are less than a buck a sheet!

So with that said, here’s what I made this time with my scrap pieces of felt – ‘cause we all have scraps we need to get rid of – I made adorable chicks and bunnies for Easter.

Sure they look sweet in an Easter basket as I have them here, but these felt cuties are filled with beans, so they could be a part of a fun toss game, or they do sit quite nicely on their own just about any place you put them!!

They’re easy to make, you just need a few hand sewing skills and a little bit of time and creativity.  Aw c’mon, give ‘em a try.  Your family and friends will all want one (or maybe two) of their own.  You can name ‘em, trade ‘em, start a whole new fad, “Nub- kins”! “Cause they’re made out of a little “nub” shape.


Materials List:

  • Scrap pieces of felt in Easter colors
  • Pastel colors of embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Bag of dried beans



1. I started my bunny and chick project by cutting out a template for the body and the base. The body became a simple little hill or “nub” shape that measures 3 ½” wide by 4 ½” tall.  The oval for the base is 1 7/8” by 2 ¾”.  You don’t have to be exact, but if you are close to these dimensions they should go together as easy as mine.


2. Use your templates to cut out two “nubs”.  One for the front and one for the back, then cut out one oval for the base.  This is about all you need for the chick, aside from a few felt strips to create head feathers, but of course a bunny will require ears.


3. I cut two ears, a front and a back for each ear to help give them some stiffness.


I even cut out some glitter white felt in a little smaller size for the ear insets.  I first stitched the ear insets to the front of each ear using the blanket stitch and 2 strands of white floss.


Then I stitched the backs of the ears to the fronts also using a blanket stitch but I tried to match up the pink embroidery floss with the pink felt.


4. When the ears are finished, use embroidery floss to stitch a face onto the front “nub” of your bunny.  I chose to keep the eyes and nose close together and small, but you can make whatever funny faces you’d like.  Experiment on a scrap piece of felt.


5. Pin the ears to the inside of the back “nub”.  Then pin the front “nub” to the back and using the blanket stitch or any stitch of your choice, sew the front, back and ears together.  Remember – don’t stitch along the bottom edge!!


6. Pin the bottom oval to the bottom edge of the bunny and stitch almost all the way around.  Remember to leave about an inch or so open to add the dried beans.


7. I left the needle and floss in my sewing and cut an angled slit at the corner of the bag of beans and poured beans into my bunny.  When it was as full as I wanted it, I simply finished stitching the opening closed.


8. What would a bunny be without his tail? I happen to have a few white miniature pom-poms left over from a Christmas pom-pom garland, so from garland to bunny tail – and I like them as bunny tails even more!!


Who could resist these adorable little faces?  And, you have plenty of time before Easter to whip up a bunch to hide around the house, place in Easter baskets, toss to your friends or whatever suites your fancy!! Afterall, they are YOUR Nubkins!


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