The Secret to Colorful, Unbreakable Easter Eggs

Painted Wooden Easter EggsAre you tired of coloring beautiful eggs just to have them break into pieces? Try painted wooden eggs instead!

So, my son, at age 7 loved the idea of painting eggs for about 4 minutes.  He painted three of them, (which I touched up) then added faces and splotches that looked like we rolled the egg on one of the other paper plates full of discarded but still wet paints.

The two of us had fun being together for those four minutes none the less!  So if you are interested in an afternoon project, give this one a try.


Materials List:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Craft paints
  • Brushes
  • Pushpins
  • Metallic pens
  • Drop cloth
  • Paper plates



We used push pins stuck in the tip of the eggs so we had something to hold onto while we painted.  We used paper plates to squeeze a bit of paint onto and then once we were finished with a first coat, we did lay the egg on the plate to dry.  The eggs dry rather quickly as long as you do light coats.

We did have to put at least two coats on the eggs with some additional touch-ups when the egg would stick to the plate and pull the paint off.  (No matter how simple a project sounds, this kind of stuff always happens, doesn’t it!)


Once the eggs are dry, we did try decorating them.  I described how my son painted, and I tried polka dots and stripes, but honestly, I was having a hard time making the lines straight and keeping the paint from globbing up.


Sooooo, we painted them all back to solid colors.  The nice thing about using many different colors and so many eggs is that during the paint process, you can just keep going and going.  As some eggs dry, you paint others.  As they dry you move on to other eggs, etc.

Painting Names on Easter ggs

We wrote guests names on them using a metallic marker and we plan on placing them in little nests as place cards for our holiday dinner.


We filled tall glass vases with them and then spread them around the house….lovely.  At least it’s something different than always putting them in a basket with grass.
Try adding leaves to the mix to line the bottom of the vase.  A larger almost bell jar shape would work beautifully for the leaf idea.

Have fun with this one and let me know what age child actually does stick with the project, enjoy it as they go, and can create decorations that are able to be used…..I’ve promised myself to give my little guy another chance someday….just don’t want to wait too long!


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