Try These Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Dyed Easter Egg

Once you get started you’ll want to try all three of these creative ways to color Easter eggs.

Well, it’s that time of the year again and after nearly 50 years of decorating eggs….I needed a change.  I’m so tired of buying the egg decorating kit, bending the wire holder, dropping the pellet into vinegar water and getting boring pastel eggs.

So, here are a couple other ideas for you to try.  I tried them and I really liked two out of the three.  Try them and judge for yourself.


This first one is created through the rubber band technique.  You wrap different width rubber bands around the egg, dip it in the dye, blot the egg dry and remove the rubber bands.  The white against the violet was a bit strong so I re-dipped the unbanded egg into some pink and softened the white and I like it much better.

For some reason though, this little egg did not want to be photographed, do you notice the cracks in it?  I dropped that silly egg on the floor twice!!  Thank heaven there was a little bit of it intact to give you an idea of how the rubber band technique might look!


Vegetable oil added to the dye will keep certain areas of the egg uncolored.  These three done in pink are very light and difficult to discern.  I think the technique could be great, but needs some revising.


I took hot water and added about 12 drops of neon pink food (egg) coloring to the water and stirred.  I then added about a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the water.  Since oil and water don’t mix, when the egg is dropped in, some areas will receive oil and others receive color.


You can see the subtleties better here as the egg comes out of the mixture.  Perhaps the bright Florida sun is too much for a pastel egg to show its colors!!


Now this is more what I’m talking about.  I wanted vibrant multi-colored eggs and with the vinegar technique, I got just what I wanted.


For this technique you’ll need hard boiled eggs, a colander, white vinegar, food coloring (I like the neon colors) and a ¼ cup is fine.


Place a few eggs in the colander in the sink and sprinkle some vinegar on them.  Then, roll them around in the colander for a second.


Drip on small drops of food coloring.


Roll the eggs around in the colander and let the color set for about a minute.


Add another color and repeat the step above.


Allow the colors to set for a minute or two and gently rinse with water.  Dry the eggs on a paper plate or stand them in the egg carton to dry.


These were so quick and easy I tried them with a regular yellow and the neon pink and purple and they turned out really pretty as well.

The next batch is going to be in blues, then oranges…yellows, then reds……

Happy Easter!


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