Add 4th of July Flair to Baked Goods


Cookies and brownies are 4th of July staples - spice them up with holiday decor and make them the hit of the party.

I have a sugar cookie recipe that I love but I know that the store bought sugar cookie dough is certainly fast and easy.  In either case, if you are making sugar cookies for your 4th of July celebration, go one step further by adding red, white and blue sugar sprinkles before you bake.

Red, white and blue jimmies and star shapes are often available at this time of the year and they brighten up a plain cookie as well.  They look fabulous on white icing and aren’t as crunchy as the sugar.

For more variety, use a couple different sizes of cookie cutters and make all the little ones blue, the medium ones white and the big ones red!  I guess the bottom line is to simply enjoy the journey as well as the destination!


If brownies are more your thing (they are my thing too) you might want to bake up a pan of them and once they are cool, add powdered sugar by sifting it through a sieve.  Then, I take a knife and cut a design into the powdered sugar and top layer of brownie.  I’ve done this many times for the kid’s birthdays, creating Scooby Doo or The Little Mermaid!

Oh, and don’t forget that brownies taste best when they have a dollop of ice cream and some chocolate syrup on top!  Heehee!  Well, whatever dessert you have this 4th; I know it will bring back memories, get rave reviews, and warm your heart all at the same time.

Happy 4th!


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