Create a 4th of July Ribbon Bouquet Centerpiece


Looking for a dramatic centerpiece for this year’s 4th of July celebration?  Try this ribbon bouquet and create your own fireworks!

This adorable little ribbon bouquet centerpiece can be on a dining table or even just set on your outdoor coffee table to spread the holiday cheer.  The ribbon flowers take just a few minutes to make and the rest of the materials are inexpensive and easy to find.

Materials List:


A container of your choice
Enough décor sand to fill it nicely
Various patriotic wired ribbons
Matching thread
Matching thread
Craft glue
Paper wrapped wire stems
Needle nose pliers



1.  Cut a 30” strip of the wired ribbon and zigzag fold it in 1” folds starting by folding wrong sides together.


2.  Using a needle and matching double thread sew through the lower edge of the ribbon, right in the middle, catching all the folds.  Make sure not to pull so tight that you can’t create a circle.  Test your tightness and then make a knot to hold the folds in place.


3.  Use craft glue to glue the ends together.


4.  Hold the ribbon flower in place with a paper clip so you can move on and make some more.


5.  Cut an angled piece of ribbon for the leaf and glue it down a few inches on the stem.  Once the leaf and the flower are dry, push the stem through the center hole in the flower and using a pair of needle nose pliers, create a circle large enough to keep the flower from pushing off.  A bit of craft glue on the back where the stem pushes through will hold everything in place.


6.  Fill up your container with enough sand to hold the ribbon flowers upright, and if you have any leftover ribbon, wrap it once around your container to tie everything together!


These ribbon flowers make cute napkin rings as well.  You’ll need to add buttons and elastic hair bands to your list of materials to make the napkin rings.


Simply stitch the elastic hair band to a button large enough not to slide through the hole of the ribbon flower.  Slide the hair band through the hold and slip the band over a napkin.  Easy as apple pie! (Yes, this photo is blurry, it’s not you.)


In the end, they are really sharp looking and will add a lot to your holiday table.

Well, I hope some of the ideas here inspire you to try something a little different this year for the 4th. I should mention that for more patriotic holiday ideas you might want to take a look at some of our Memorial Day articles that could work just as nicely in July!

Happy 4th!


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