Create a Star Studded 4th of July Table

Stars hung from the chandelier are the hero in this inexpensive table decor, adding class to simple paper plates and paper napkins.

This festive table setting gets it’s charm from layering and attention to detail. However, it isn’t complicated, it is put together with three easy pieces.  The center piece, number 1, is nothing more than a white ceramic pitcher filled with red silk hydrangeas.  If you prefer, red geraniums would be wonderful.  I have a brown thumb so I stay away from live plants if I can!


The second piece is the place setting.  Here I layered two placemats, white and red.  I purchased beautifully printed paper plates, a blue and white toile and a red and white polka dot.  Mixing them together was fun and just a little different from stars and stripes all the time.  The blue paper napkin is dressed up with a distressed white metal star ornament I purchased at Christmastime!


Step three of this festive table setting is the stars hanging from the chandelier!  I’ve done this with other designs for other holidays as well.  I think it helps give the table setting some extra pizzazz if the decorations move up towards the ceiling.  The overall look is so much more dynamic this way than if the decor stopped with the flat table top.  Consider this or an idea like it for other holidays! Hang snowflakes, garland, branches, berries and more!


The hanging stars are easily put together by grabbing some red, white and blue craft foam. I then downloaded star templates from the internet and cut out several sizes.  Using the templates, I traced around them onto the foam and then cut out the stars.


I used a needle and thread to create a hole in the top and bottom of the stars and simply threaded several of them together on one strand.  I left enough at the top to tie the thread onto the chandelier and made a good thick knot at the bottom to hold the last star in place!

I found that this was such a fun and interesting look, our family wanted the stars to remain for a while.  Why not? In fact, remember, all the summer holidays are quite patriotic, from Memorial Day through to Labor Day!


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