How To Make a Patriotic 4th of July Wreath


Nothing says 4th of July like our national flag, and this wreath displays them proudly but adds a bit of sparkel as well.

This patriotic wreath was easy to pull together and I’ve used it as a wall hung wreath with the flags, without the flags and even as a centerpiece on a table!

To make this simple wreath you need just a few materials:


Flags, size of your choice
A garland or sprig of greens
A wire wreath frame
A garland of sparkling stars
Wire cutters
Floral wire


1.  I started with a sprig of greens so I cut it down to individual stems using a wire cutter and began to weave the stems into the wore wreath frame.  To make sure they stayed in place, I used a little bit of florists wire.


2.  You want to make sure you add enough greens to really fill in the wire frame.  Notice that it isn’t a perfect circle…that’s OK; it just makes it look more interesting I think.


3.  Unwind the star garland and either wrap it around the entire frame or use the florist’s wire to attach it to the top of the wreath all the way around.  Keep it loose and less structured.  Then simply add the flags by weaving them through the back of the wire wreath frame or wiring them in place.


For a centerpiece I set the wreath down in the center of the table and added a glass bowl filled with sand and off white and white candles.  I suppose red, white and blue candles would be nice in here as well!  Notice the star confetti on the table…I told you, anything new will be accepted if the old still remains!!


Or, if you want to be more patriotic, but still use the wreath in the centerpiece, add a tall white vase stuffed with red or blue tissue paper and add those flags back into the equation!

Whatever design you use, we hope it adds pleasure to your holiday!



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