Use a Flag Theme for a 4th of July Table


This is the fastest 4th of July centerpiece idea around. Just grab a white vase, red tissue paper, a dozen flags and you’re done!

A great centerpiece is a good start to a pretty holiday table.  For 4th of July, one of our more casual holidays, I like to keep things inexpensive, simple and quick.  Here’s a centerpiece idea that is bold and beautiful and goes together in minutes.

Use a white vase or pitcher and add some crumpled tissue in the bottom if you need it for height.  Then, insert a bunch of small flags, using tissue paper to keep them separated and in the correct positions.  Colored tissue paper at the top finishes off thid bold focal point for your table.


Using the centerpiece above, mix in red or blue placemats, white dinnerware (or better yet – paper plates) and don’t be afraid to used paper towels and paper napkins. This whole table setting would stand out even more if the table was first covered with a white paper table cloth.  Plus it would save the wood from potato salad and baked beans!


A short piece of stars and stripes wired ribbon can dress up even the most mundane white paper towel.  Since 4th of July feasts can be gooey and messy, I double up.  On the outside I use a colorful paper dinner napkin but on the inside I add another layer or two of white paper towels.  This gives my guests ample space to wipe up the bar-b-que sauce!!

There, did you time yourself? See, a great look and still plenty of time to go out and actually enjoy the holiday, family and friends!


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