Your 4th of July Table Needs Red, White and Blue


Don’t go out and buy all sorts of decor when you have everything you need right in your own cupboards and closets.

Interesting centerpieces can be inspiring, and this table setting gets most of its interest from the items sitting in the middle.  Tall things are always noticed, colorful items bring attention and regular household items can really shine in a gather arrangement like this one.


This centerpiece is made up of a combination of items that span the center area of the table.  It consists of a red tray and a white seaside lantern with a starfish motif.  The red candle is nice inside and it picks up the red in the vase of miniature American flags. Who says a vase has to hold flowers?  There is a white vase of red geraniums just behind the tray and together this grouping helps make this table setting look special.

Best of all, all of these are items are “found” items from around the house.  See if you don’t already have red things, white things and blue things to group together to make a fascinating center table display.  The addition of the flags forces the 4th of July theme and the reast are simply supporting cast members!!


I did add some additional interest to the table setting with the wine glasses.  Sure, you’re just having water or lemonade, it doesn’t matter, the wine glasses make any beverage special. But before the beverages are poured, fan fold pretty red napkins and stuff in a glittery star with your guest’s name if you like to make the whole experience more personal!

Happy 4th!


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