Become Your Favorite Pet for Halloween


You can be any favorite pet or even a non pet for Halloween this year as long as you have a great close-up photo of it’s face!

My friend Jennifer is a dog lover and she was devastated when she lost her sweet puppy of 13 years.  In honor of her favorite pet, she helped us make a “My Favorite Pet” costume.  Like many of the Halloween costumes we’ve described, a sweat suit is the main ingredient.  Why not?  They come in a myriad of colors and cold weather gear can be worn underneath them!

Materials List:

  • Sweat suit
  • Close up color photo of your pet’s face
  • Poster board
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or elastic
  • Felt


1. The main project for this costume is of course, the mask.  Start by taking a color photo of your pet to the local office supply and copy store.  Color photocopy your pet’s face, enlarging it as necessary on their office machines.

2. Using spray adhesive, mount the color copy to the poster board.  Allow the glue to set and cut out the mask.  Cut out slits for the eyes and make a few cuts around the sides of the nose to make the mask have more dimension.

3. Punch holes in each side of the mask.  Add ribbon or elastic to the mask to hold it in place on your child’s head.

You can embellish this costume by using felt to either sew or safety pin spots or stripes to the sweat suit.  I’m sure I would be making a tail for this adorable dog and maybe find a dog collar to use as well. Maybe mom or dad could walk the child with a leash made out of gray construction paper chains.

If your child is a cat, how about carrying a mouse or fish along with them as an added accessory?  Whatever you do, make sure to have fun with it and listen to the great idea of your child!


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