Create a Spooky Bat Costume from Felt


This easy bat costume could also be used as the caped crusader costume with the addition of a few creative bat decals.

My son, Cameron was always interested in my sewing.  Of course so are my cats.  I guess young eyes see the sewing machine as a true marvel.  I guess I still do too!  Well in the midst of an important project, Cameron decided he wanted to be a bat and he had to have the costume…NOW!  Like most working Moms, guilt sets in and you do whatever it takes to make your little one know you care and love them.  So I whipped up a bat costume and here’s how easy it is to make.

Materials List:

    • Black sweat suit
    • 1 yard or so of black felt
    • Scissors
    • Needle and thread


1. Lay the black felt on the floor and have your child lie down on top of it with his arms outstretched.

2. Cut the shape of bat wings along his arms. Around the neck try cutting a pointy stand up vampire like collar!   Cut the bottom of the cape so that it falls just above your child’s ankles.

3. Out of the left over felt, cut two long ties for around the neck and two short bands of felt to be used as straps to hold the bat wings to your child’s arms.

4. While he is still lying down, position the straps by pinning them across your child’s arms.  Sew the straps and ties in place by hand.

5. To make the mask, cut out a black felt oval large enough to cover the upper portion of your child’s face and up high enough to fashion two pointy bat ears.  Cut out slits for eyes and tack on a felt tie to each side of the mask to tie it in place on your child’s head.

Admittedly, this project took probably less than ½ hour.  I cut frantically, knowing I had another deadline sitting on my sewing table.  I stitched like the wind, thinking this only had to last for about 15 minutes and he’d be happy. And I placed the costume on his body in less than a minute.  Of course there was no black sweat suit at the time, but he was in heaven and that means that I was too!!


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