Every Front Door Needs a Halloween Wreath


This Halloween wreath goes together with four easy pieces, a twig wreath, black leaf garland, candy corn garland and ribbon – it’s a snap!

Last year when I was making a wreath for our Halloween party, I ran out of materials and had just enough to create one wreath.  Unfortunately, I have a double front door, so I had to improvise.

Halloween was the perfect time to adorn my front doors with one wreath and one metal sculpture with the greeting, “Come on in my pretties!”


I did hot glue strips of felt to the back of this metal sculpture so I didn’t scratch my front door.  Come to think of it, I added felt to the back of the wreath as well.  Just run your fingers around the back of anything you are hanging on your door to determine if the felt padding is needed.


The two different designs for my doors came together just fine by using the same ribbon to hang them and adding other Halloween appropriate décor.  My topiaries have orange glowing mini lights on them and the tombstones have come in handy for all sorts of seasonal decorating!

Now let’s take a look at how to make the easy Halloween wreath.


Materials List:

  • Twig wreath, the more scraggly – the better
  • Black leaf garland
  • Halloween garland with ghost or pumpkins  or candy corn
  • Ribbon to hang 


1. Start the wreath by adding the first layer. This would be the fullest garland, in this case, the black leaf garland.  Wind it around the inside edge of the wreath and use floral wire to hold it in place in several different spots around the wreath.


When you are finished, the wreath should look something like this.


2. The next step was to add the decorative Halloween garland with the mini berries and candy corn shapes.  This went right over the top of the black leaves and I used the floral wire again to hold it in place.


3. As I mentioned earlier, I’m always concerned that a wreath will damage my front doors, so I always check the back and if I think there’s a chance of scratching I hot glue felt to the back to cover the sharp edges.


4. I didn’t do anything special with the trick or treat ribbon.  I simply slipped it under and around the entire wreath and tacked it to the top edge of my door.


Here’s a nice close-up of the great texture, color and fun shapes that adorn my one-of-a-kind “Trick or Treat” wreath.  What I like best about it is that it went together very quickly using the garland, and I can easily remove the garland and make the twig base into something new for Thanksgiving!


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