Get Busy with Halloween Crafts, Decor and More


If you are looking for Halloween ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s are several that will make your Halloween special.

Hooray!  It’s that time of the year again and Matt and I are thinking about Halloween!  Here are a couple of friendly scarecrows (hmm, I think that’s an oxymoron but they look friendly to me) that you might want to stuff and pose for your front yard or even on top of your roof like this family!

If scarecrows aren’t your thing, Matt and I have a variety of ideas for you.  For instance…


Indian corn is a colorful way to decorate for Halloween and all you need are baskets full of corn and some twine.  Simply stretch the twine across a porch or along a railing and then, using pieces of twine, tie the ears of corn to the line with short and long pieces to give a more interesting effect!


If you prefer working in the shop like Matt, you might want to whip up a couple sets of these message letters.  Made out of scrap lumber, and sized to fit stick-on letters, these blocks go together easily and make great fall gifts.

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Dressing your dining or kitchen table for the season is always a fun project.  Craft a centerpiece or sew up some Halloween placemats.

Or, check out our new e-store where you can find the downloadable step by step instructions and a template to create your own leaf or bat shaped napkin rings!  The patterns and instructions are only $5.99!

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Candy and Halloween go together don’t they?  I can hardly think about one without the other.  This year we are cutting down the quantity of candy we buy and just concentrating on the particular ones we can’t live without!  For us its mini marshmallows, licorice and candy corn! Make a display of your favorites by filling glass apothecary jars.  Remember to tell your family they are there for decoration, or your decorations just might disappear!


Now here is a fun project for you to make with your kids or grandkids.  You don’t need too many wacky materials, mainly things you have around the house.  You’ll need to help them along with some of the cutting and using a needle and thread, but isn’t that what family projects are all about?  Put in the movie of Charlie brown and the Great Pumpkin and make a night of it!

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Now that the house is all decorated for the season, how about hosting a Halloween party for the kids? You can say it’s for the kids, but believe me, you’ll be the one having all the fun!

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I hope you find something among these ideas that’s strikes a cord with you and that they help you truly enjoy the fall season.

Happy Haunting!


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