How To Create Cute “Boo” Candles


It’s time to create something really different for Halloween and these “boo” candles are exactly what you’re looking for.

When Halloween is just around the corner (and to me that is in early September) I start making Halloween stuff! I have my kids just as hooked on Halloween as I am. It’s such a different holiday for decorating. Instead of all the holiday décor being beautiful or elegant, Halloween allows you to use crazy colors, spooky characters and fun sayings!

Well, we used one of those perfect Halloween sayings on a grouping of three candles and they have since been dubbed the “Boo” Candles! I would say that these are fairly inexpensive, but it depends on the price of the candles you find and how expensive the pins are. Yes, believe it or not, the box of pins I needed was about $8!


Materials List:

  • Three pillar candles
    (or more for other sayings)
  • Box of colored rounded head straight pins
  • Computer for fonts
  • Printer to make font templates
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Matte knife



1. Start your candle project right at your computer. Check through the fonts that are available and write your saying in several of them until you find the one you like. Just remember that you are going to have to duplicate each letter in pin heads…. Some can be tricky!


2. Once you’ve selected your font and sized it for your candles, print it and cut out the letters individually. Use pins to hold the letter in place, especially at key points.


3. Now, scribe the outlines of the letters into the candle wax. You may use a matte knife, or just use a pin, pierced through the paper and wax along the lines to create your markings on the candle.


4. When you remove the letter, the markings are faint, but visible enough to follow with the pins.


5. Before inserting pins into the candle, take a wire cutter and cut the pins down to about ½”. I found that they were too long to push into the candles, but shorter works great. There is a technique to pushing the pins into the candles, slower is better so as not to cause any cracking. I did get some of this when I was hurrying, but I was able to hide it under other pins. You may like the look of the cracking if you have a scary saying you are using!


6. Keep the pin heads as close together as possible and follow your markings. Fill in areas with lines as straight as you can. You may have to exaggerate in an area or two because of the width of the pin heads, but I’m sure it will turn out great.


Day or night your “boo” candles will be a delight. Notice that I found a couple fall sprigs to add to my candle grouping and it really finishes them off nicely.  You might try placing them on a glass or ceramic plate with lots of black jelly beans or little black plastic spiders.  You could even surround them with candy corn! And, with the new dripless candles, you may be able to keep your creation for years to come!!


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