Mini Homemade Ghosts for Halloween

Mini Halloween Ghosts -

These adorable mini homemade ghosts are perfect for all sorts of Halloween decorating. Use them on shelves, in centerpieces, even on the kitchen or bathroom counter to spread the Halloween spirit around the house. You can have some homemade ghosts too and here’s what you’ll need.


  • Three small craft blocks, about 2 ½” cubes
  • Sandpaper or craft sander
  • Black craft paint
  • White craft paint
  • Finishing nail and hammer
  • Sturdy wire hangers
  • Wire cutters
  • Scraps of batting, even paper towels or tissue for head
  • Tape
  • White cotton fabric or old sheets
  • Scraps of cotton cloth for ties
  • Black fabric pen
  • Scissors


1. Prepare the blocks first by rounding the corners and softening the edges with a craft sander or sand paper. Wipe off the sanding dust and use the finishing nail to create a hole in the center of one side of the block. Just put the nail in far enough to create a hole for the hanger wire to be inserted. Once you’ve created the hole, remove the nail.

2. Paint the blocks black using the craft paint. Add lettering to spell the message, “boo”, or just keep the blocks plain. To give them a more rustic appearance, lightly sand over the painted areas to rough them up.

3. Cut the hanger wire using the wire cutters to get three pieces. You can vary the length for tall and short ghosts if you like or make them all the same height. Ours were about 10” in length and a portion of that was inserted into each block. Insert the wire into the blocks. If the hole is too large, add hot glue to hold the wire in place.

4. To create the head, use something soft that you can ball up, like batting, paper towel or tissues. Make a ball and tape it over the top of the wire.

5. In preparation for adding the sheets over the ghosts heads, cut a few strips of colored calico for the ties. Make the strips about ¾” wide by 7-8” long and fray the edges a bit.

6. For the ghost sheets, cut full circles out of old sheets or white cotton fabric. You’ll need to create a circle about 16” in diameter. These can be perfect circles or simply hand drawn. Start with one, and make any adjustments to the next two. Drape them over the ghosts head and use the ties to wrap around the neck and secure the sheet in place. Trim the ties to the appropriate length.

7. Using the black fabric pen, add faces if you wish.

These little homemade ghosts will give you years of enjoyment. Just wrap them in white fabric or paper towels and store them in a cool dry place until next year! Boo-tiful!


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