Put Holiday Messages in Decorative Frames


You can easily make welcoming holiday messages to spread around the house and preserve the lettering in attractive frames.

Halloween is the perfect time to start your holiday message collection.  Why?  Because Halloween has a lot of letters in it!  I suppose Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas have no shortage, so maybe that’s the reason….Halloween has so few letters!  Hahaha!

Anyway, let’s get serious.  How easy or how difficult is this to accomplish?  Well I think that all depends on whether you have easy access to a copy machine.  These letters are fitting into approximately 5” x 7” frames so you can’t simply print them off on your printer.  So, keep that in mind as you ponder attempting this project.


Materials List:

  • Computer with a variety of fonts
  • Computer printer
  • Printer paper
  • Access to a copy machine
  • Number of frames to match letters  in  message
  • Scissors



1. Start on your computer, sorting through all of the letter fonts available and write out your message in a format you like.  Make sure to note the name of the font you selected for each of your letters.


2. Then, type one letter per sheet of paper and print the single letters out.  This is so you can enlarge each of the letters separately on the copy machine.


3. Next, line up the frames in an order that is pleasing to you.  This step is done so you can determine the exact size of each letter once you know which frame it is going in. 

I used several different frame designs and several different sizes but I kept all the frames black to tie them together.


4. Enlarging the letters will take some time.  It may take three or four pieces of paper to get the size right.  I tried to reuse the paper that didn’t have the right sized letter by putting it into my computer printer.


5. To make sure you cut around the enlarged letter just right, center the paper that comes inside the frame over the letter and trace around the paper.  (I held them up to a light with the back of the letter facing me to, then when the paper was centered, I turned it all over and traced around the paper.


6. Place the enlarged letter in its frame and continue on in the same fashion with the rest of the letters. (After you make the “h” you might just want to write “Hi”.  It works for all holidays!  Ha-ha!)

If you are considering creating holiday messages for more than one holiday, be more careful when selecting the font you use so that it will be appropriate for all holidays.  You might notice that the “H” I used for Halloween wouldn’t look very warm and inviting for Thanksgiving!   Just thought you’d want to know!


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