Try an Easy Grapes or Blueberries Costume


You will amaze your friends and Halloween party goers with this easy to create grapes or blueberries costume.

The first time I made a costume like this was when my daughter was about four or five.  At that time she had a purple sweat suit that I pinned purple balloons to. I made a leaf hat for her out of felt and she went as a bunch of grapes.  So, when purple isn’t the color of the season, grapes can easily become blueberries!


Materials List:

  • Blue sweat suit
  • Safety pins
  • Blue balloons
  • Green felt
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Elastic or brown ribbon
    Toilet tissue roll
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


1. The body and grapes or blueberries are made just as I discussed above.  Use a sweat suit in the color of the berries or grapes and find balloons to match.  Blow up the balloons and pin them to the sweatshirt using safety pins through the knot of the balloon or the left over end just past the knot.  Do not pin these on while the child is wearing the sweatshirt…you could give them a heart attack if your pierce a balloon with a safety pin!

2.  Next work on the hat which is the stem and leaves that go along with the berries.  You can start by drawing a leaf template which measures approximately 3 x 5 inches.

3. Cut ten leaves out of green felt.  Lay two leaves together and topstitch using brown thread.  To make the leaves even more interesting, stitch in some veins.

4. Cut out a circle from the green felt measuring 6 inches in diameter.

5. To make a stem, cut down a toilet tissue roll so that it measures 2 to 3 inches tall.  Cover the roll with brown felt and glue the felt in place. Using your hot glue gun, glue the stem to the center of the felt circle.

6. To assemble the hat, overlap the green leaves on the felt circle.  Hand tack the leaves in place. Add some curly brown pipe cleaners to the stem.

7. The last step is to hand tack a ribbon or elastic to the hat to hold it in place on your child’s head.

I hope your child has fun with this one.  Just remind them to stay away from any Halloween ghouls with swords, wands or pointy witch’s hats!!


P.S. – My daughter has used this costume several times throughout her life, most recently at her school Halloween party – and she’s the teacher!

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