Turn Your Child into a Daffodil for Halloween


This daffodil costume is adorable at Halloween but it can also be used for school plays and just dress up fun.

This idea was born out of the blueberries or grapes costume idea because of the use of the sweat suit.  So, if a child were to wear a green sweat suit, couldn’t they be a flower by simply wearing a felt hat in the shape of a flower?  Of course they could!

Notice that four of the flower petals are attached to a hat of sorts and the bottom two petals are attached to a bib.

Materials List:

  • Green sweat suit
  • Light yellow felt
  • Green felt
  • 22 Gauge wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yellow ribbon


1. Draw a pattern and cut out 12 petals from the yellow felt. We made ours about 24 inches long by about 12 inches wide.

2. Cut a piece of 22 gauge wire to fit around the edge of the petal.  Glue the wire around the edge of the petal for stability.  Glue a second petal over the top to hide the wire.  Repeat with the other five petals.

3. Measure the circumference of your child’s face, beginning under her chin, up over the top of her head, and back down to her chin.  Cut out a rectangle of felt measuring 6 inches wide by this measurement.

4. To create the horn of the flower, glue a length of 22 gauge wire down the middle of the rectangle.  This wire will allow you to add shape to the horn.  Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise to hide the wire.

5. Pin four of the petals to the open edge of the horn.  Cover the edge with a long folded strip of yellow ribbon which measures the length of the rectangle plus 20 inches, making sure the strip is centered.  The extra length will become ties to keep secure the daffodil bonnet in place on your child’s head.

6. Shape the flower’s horn so that it frames your child’s face.

7. To form the bib, place the last two petals so that they overlap slightly.    Cover the edge with a long folded strip of yellow ribbon long enough to hold the bib in place.

It’s fun to add little accessories to this costume like the watering can which can double as a trick or treat bag!


P.S. Hey Folks, anyone attempting to do our daffoldil costume, I have some revisions for you.  Although the instructions as they stand worked for us, we had a fan try it and she didn’t get the same results.  This is how she put the headpiece together.

First, she greatly reduced the size of the petals. Then the 6 felt flower petals were reinforced with thick poster board (hot glued on.) The 6 petals were all connected together and had a ring of thick poster board to reinforce it. Then a head piece (with felt and the metal wire) was attached to a few petal pieces…so the headpiece actually sits on the head and forehead. Her six petals were all connected instead of 2 being a “bib.”

I hope this helps anyone trying out this cute costume idea!

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