St. Patrick’s Day Decorations and Table Settings


We don’t go too crazy for St. Patrick’s Day, but sometimes it’s fun to bring out the green and gold and just run around acting like leprechauns!

I think there are three reasons to get excited about St. Patrick’s Day.  One, you are Irish!  Two, you are in grade school and the teachers make a big thing about it by decorating the classroom in green shamrocks and leprechauns.  And three, you are a college student (or one that never grew up) and this day signifies a wild time consuming green products (if you know what I mean).

Although, on second thought, there must be a fourth because I get excited about it for decorative reasons and you can too.  Here are a couple of ideas to try to bring a bit o’ the green into your home.


A Holiday Tree

My first thought is to go all out for those diehard Irish descendents and folks like me that go crazy at every holiday.  It’s a St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Tree!  Complete with all of the holiday trimmings.  This tree was up last year at my home for St. Patrick’s Day, and everyone loved it.  It was decorated with inexpensive party décor from my local party store along with ribbons and ornaments I had around that fit the theme.


In a more detailed photo you can see I started with white lights, added gold beads along with some gold star shaped beads I had.  The very wide wired gold ribbon came in handy used almost as a garland.  I also found some cute shiny shamrock garland that added a lot of sparkle to the tree.


Moving on to add larger pieces, I found gold, white and green glass ornaments in a variety of sizes that worked beautifully.  The large green foil shamrocks almost made the tree light up without the white lights!


The final additions were the over sized felt St. Patrick’s Day hats and the shining fuzzy hat topper!  It was fun shopping for the materials and even more fun enjoying it!

A Sweet Treat


You may not consider this next train of thought “décor”, but candy…in colors or in colored wrappers can be perfect for the holidays.  Here’s what happens every year in my house.  When the Christmas candy goes on sale during the week after Christmas, I buy up some of the red and green and white treats.  Then, I separate them for the next couple of holidays, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day!  Silly, I know, but it might be a fun project for your kids.  Have them wash their hands and see how far they can get before they eat one!!!

St. Patty’s Day Vignettes


It’s a good idea to spread the “Luck o’ the Irish” around the house a bit in March.  Just set up some simple vignettes using things you already have around the house like some statuary and greenery.  Here I just slipped a painted slate tile into the mix and now it’s a holiday vignette!


This easy vignette consists of a simple candy dish with some leprechaun glittery confetti on the counter and it is festive enough to draw everyone to the candy!  This dish is empty in no time and I spend half my time in the kitchen refilling it.  Ahh, the simple pleasures in life!

Setting the St. Patrick’s Day Table


This is the type of décor I might set up a week before the holiday and then take it down after the holiday dinner.  I may keep the centerpiece up for a day or two, but that’s about it. Here, I used items I have around the house along with some very inexpensive additions to make it a bit more festive.


I started with two yards of a holiday fabric that I liked and thought I might have some things at home to co-ordinate with it.  The edges can just be ironed under if you intend on saving the fabric for a future project or perhaps for something different next year.


For a centerpiece I grabbed a felt leprechaun hat and stuffed it with plastic grocery bags until it would stand on its own.  Next to it,


I placed a plant in an urn that my son adorned with a shamrock garland.  It’s tough to see but it did sparkle very nicely.


I had the bright green napkins, but the addition of some shamrock wired ribbon and an adorable glitter leprechaun hat really dressed it up.  I tied the ribbon onto the napkin and then used my hot glue gun to attach the hats.  They are delicate, but I don’t expect them to last through more than one meal!


The brown rimmed dinner plates are the new ones my husband bought me for Christmas and they are the most neutral I could find to go with the green.  In the future I think I’m going to have to break down and purchase a couple of plain white plates to help give you better ideas.  As we all know, white goes with everything!!


Until the drinks are served, I dressed the mugs up by filling them with decorative bead necklaces.  At dinnertime simply remove the beads, put them on and celebrate with a good meal!


Party Time!

Party time is also a great time to bring out the decorations.  I love centerpieces that are glittery and in a spray.  They fill up space and are fun.  I always add glittery confetti as well.  Its haphazard look helps people know they don’t have to be so prim and proper!  Holiday paper napkins are also perfect for giving a setting like this some pizzazz!


Just remember this St. Patrick’s Day to keep an eye on your guests.  That green beer can go to their heads and make them do crazy things.   It’s easy to recognize too, the jackets are off, the tie is crooked, and those crazy eyes….it’s always in the eyes!!!



  1. Cindy says

    Extraordinarily adorable boy ! Hee hee, love the last pic when his eyes are tranced over from eating so much lucky charms.

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