Create Easy Mini Cornucopia Place Cards

Miniature Cornucopia Place Cards -

Place cards are a great idea for special dinners with lots of people because it saves the confusion of who site where – one less thing to think about! 

Although I only have about 6 people for dinner on Thanksgiving, this year I’m up to 8! My husband’s parents are going to be able to fly here to spend the week with us and we are so grateful, it’s been such a long time. So, I’m pulling out all the stops, and this year we are having place cards!!

I’m not spending any unnecessary dollars for these though, simply using brown paper lunch bags from my pantry, a few apples and pears (that my kids won’t eat anyways) and some greenery.

This is an easy project to get your kids involved in the Thanksgiving preparations so everyone has a part in the festivities.


Materials List:

  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Apples or pears
  • Greenery
  • Calligraphy Marker



1. Open the lunch bag and roll down the top edge to the outside. About three rolls will be enough but be careful that you don’t rip it!


2. Gently open the bottom of the bag. Try to follow the glue lines so the bag bottom opens up without rips. (I’ve created half a dozen of these and I can’t open the bottom without ripping it.) So it isn’t that critical!!


3. Pinch the clean (or ragged) bottom edges together to start the tip of the cornucopia.


4. Tightly twist the end to form the tip of the cornucopia. It won’t stay as tight as you like and don’t expect it to bend or curl up. Remember, this is a quickie, it looks great!


5. Fill up your cornucopia with apples, pears, nuts, acorns, and leaves or greenery, whatever you have on hand.


6. Add your guests’ names and set up your mini cornucopias at the table!

Don’t forget to wash the fruit – someone might want to take a bite!!


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