Pretty Table Settings for the Thanksgiving Table


You don’t need to go out and buy beautiful dinnerware for Thanksgiving, improvise with what you have!

One of my favorite things to decorate is my dining table. There are so many possibilities when you combine placemats, chargers, different dinnerware, napkins, napkin rings and let’s not even get started on the centerpieces and candles!!! I think the beginner course starts with the place setting. So, I’ve put together three different place settings for the fall that would be perfect for a casual autumn gathering, Thanksgiving, or even just to leave out on the table as décor.

I start by getting all of my “props” out, meaning all my placemats, chargers and dinnerware. Now remember, I’ve been collecting these items for a good 30 years so I have quite a few choices…not excessive….just quite a few!


Then I sort of determine the casualness or formalness of the plates and placemats to determine which pieces go together well. Although I’m not one to eliminate something just because it’s too formal, if the color is right, I can work around it!


So, in the end, a casual everyday combination developed out of my deep green plates, using the rustic woven charger for texture and to create a color difference between the green plates and the green velvet placemats. Notice that I used the velvet placemats in the opposite direction for added interest.


I do think the patterned napkins in combination with the ivory linen ones make the place setting. With all of the solid colors, a pattern was needed to brighten it up and add some interest. Then of course the woven napkin ring couldn’t be more perfect.


Anyone who knows me, knows I love roosters, have for years and it’s not going to change now. My husband bought these fabulous rooster plates for me about a year ago and I’m having so much fun with them. Because they are a strong pattern, we need solids to back them up.

I love the layering of several placemats to give just a touch of color outlining the main mat. I’m almost creating a framed picture on the table!

What is nice about these plates is that there are four different rooster designs and colorways, so the table looks even more interesting as everyone has their own rooster! I used just the ivory linen napkins here and not wanting to cover up the rooster, I folded it over twice, fan folded it and placed it in the water goblet. Easy.


Then for fun, and since I have LOTS of them, I gave each place setting their own rooster salt and pepper shakers….this is so fun!!!


Last, for the dressy Thanksgiving meal, I used a trick I came up with while looking for unique ideas, and placed beaded wreaths between my Grandmother’s china and the dressy linen placemat in orange.


It picks up the orange in the flowers on the plates, but the ivory dressy placemat is nice layered under it to really define the edges on the dark wood table. The ivory napkin to the side allows the beaded wreath and delicate flowers to take center stage.


Now, if you are a little crazy like me, you’ll find a project to do that will take up some of your precious little time, but will make that Thanksgiving table truly one-of-a-kind. My little one-of-a-kind addition is homemade felt “turkey napkin rings”.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is only a portion of the Thanksgiving table. Once the place settings are created, an appropriate centerpiece will be needed. We have ideas available in the Crafts section under “floral arranging” and also here in the Seasonal section under “fall centerpieces”!


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