April is a Tree That is For The Birds

I love this springtime tree filled with colorful birds, nests and painted birdhouses.


If you are involved in creating my year long Christmas tree, and I know there are a couple of you out there who are, I just wanted to mention that Matt is doing a piece on building a birdhouse for the Shop Projects category and you might want to consider making your birdhouse decorations instead of buying them!

A simple coat of white paint would nearly recreate what I have on my tree and would certainly be less expensive than purchasing a dozen bird houses!

In addition to the many bird houses that adorned my tree, I kept with the white lights from all the other month’s trees and I added strands of raffia around the tree to be my garland.  I felt this made sense as it was almost like nesting material that the birds would have scavenged for in the early spring.  There are also colored bead garlands that are very rustic; I believe painted wood beads that add a nice bit of color to the tree.  I thought about adding larger red cranberry looking garland, but it seemed almost too big and bulky for the delicate birds.

So, that created the background of the tree and of course the major ornaments were the bird houses.  The secondary ornaments then were the nests and the birds themselves.  About half of the birds were sitting in nests that I purchased.  I would guess that about a quarter were just clipped to the tree branches by themselves, and then there were a few lucky ones who were poking their heads out of one of the bird houses.


A closer look helps you to see the details of the April tree.  And, remember, I opted to use my 9’ tree for this crazy project but to come clean….I only decorated the front of the tree.  I pushed it back against our wet bar, and no one was the wiser.  You could always just decorate a small table tree for the seasons and it would have the same impact but for a much smaller cost!  Use it on a table in your entry, in the middle of a dining table or buffet table, on the coffee table in a lesser used living room…oh the options are limitless!

As May approaches start thinking flowers, straw hats and fences!!  I have an easy and inexpensive “fun foam” fence project for our next tree.


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