August is a Birthday Wishes Tree with Hats and Gifts


During the course of a year, there has to be a tree to celebrate special ocassions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or new babies, and the month of August holds all of my family’s birthdays!

Believe it or not, I’m still creating trees for the months of the year.  Actually for August you might say I’m rounding the bend and heading toward the end of the line!  With August being the 9th month of the year, as you can imagine, I was starting to run out of good ideas. It was my family that decided what the August tree should be all about – birthdays!  It just so happens that everyone in my family has their birthday in August, except for me.  So, a Birthday Tree it would be!

This turned out to be a very fun idea and I had most of the decorations right at home.  Whenever there is a birthday at my home, once the presents are opened, I grad the bags and tissue and the bows and save whatever hasn’t been destroyed in the opening process.   I’m sure you do the same thing.  Well I had the big “Happy Birthday” bag at the bottom and a couple of the smaller ones in colors to match that one on hand.  I did buy a few more to round out the tree and match the original bag.  I didn’t feel bad about the purchases because I know I’ll be able to use these bags up within the year.


A closer look shows that I used crepe paper streamers as garland.  I twisted it as I placed it in and among the boughs.  I used party hats and party horns and even pretty bows off packages!


The gift bags were extra fun as I added tissue paper to them to make them look even more festive!  I bought one of those packages that has five different pastel colors in it with several sheets of each and had a field day! The tree topper was an extra large party hat made specifically for the birthday boy or girl!

My family was delirious over this tree.  The only thing they thought could make it better would be if the packages on the tree really had their presents in them.
Hmmm, maybe next year!

Happy Birthday!




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