July’s Tree is All Red, White and Blue


There’s no question what July’s tree should look like so the flags, stars, and red, white and blue ornaments are no surprise. 

If there was ever a month that could stand a holiday tree, it’s July.  We are celebrating the birth of our country on the 4th and it’s been so long since we had a pretty, sparkling Christmas tree…..so how about it?  Have I talked you into it?

It doesn’t take too much to have a patriotic 4th of July tree.  Obviously you’ll need some flags, and you can buy the small ones in bags of three or more for just about a dollar.


The bursts of sparkling stars are small tabletop decorations I had in my summer holiday bin in the attic.  They are very festive on tables spread around the house, but they are even more awesome on the tree where they burst right out of the branches!

Red and white glass ornaments as well as the peppermint swirled ones are from my Christmas tree supply, along with the twisted red and white cording.  It has a silver sparkle to it too so it just adds to the festiveness. The large red metal stars are also from one of the Christmas trees I put up each year.  Even the red star at the top comes from the Christmas tree box in the attic!

I have to admit I was thrilled that many of the ornaments I use in December worked beautifully for this July tree.  This might even be something you plan for in December if a summer tree is a project you’d like to tackle each year!


I wasn’t well supplied though, in the navy blue color family.  So, I went out to my local JoAnn’s store and purchased a bunch of patriotic ribbons.  I chose the ones that had wire edges so the zigzag fold would stay in place more easily.


To create the circle of folds, I ran a double thread through the bottom edge of all folds, pulled them tight and knotted the thread.  You need to play with the ribbon a bit and spread out the other end to create the circle.


To attach the two ends together, use a little craft glue, it always does the trick!


To hold the zigzag circle in place while the glue is setting, use a large paper clip wrapped around the last two folds.  If you don’t remove the paper clips, they can be used a hooks to string through a narrow ribbon for hanging on your tree!


In the end, these simple ornaments weren’t very costly, they were quick and easy to make and they looked great on the tree.

Best of all, I found many uses for them.  Check out our “4th of July Decorating” article for more ways to use your ornaments!


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