November Becomes a Thanksgiving Tree


I went the easy route and chose Thanksgiving as the theme for my November tree, but I just love everything about it from the colors to the bittersweet to the Pilgrims.

I’m a little sad thinking that this is my last month in me year long Christmas tree project. It has been a fun year, loaded with special memories as each themed tree took shape.

I think a portion of my sadness is because I gave my beautiful 9 foot tree to Goodwill this week and ordered a smaller, but pre-lit tree for this year’s holiday.  Well, time moves on and so do some traditions.  I’m sure I’ll survive it!!

Well November’s tree was created around four lovely Thanksgiving figurines I was given by one of my husband’s bosses.  I can’t think of the name of them, and I’ve googled everything I can think of, but some of you will recognize them as very nice collectibles.


I have the father and mother pilgrim, daughter and son carrying a turkey.  They are very detailed and beautifully dressed.

They are scattered in the tree, and surrounded by large branches of fall leaves, small pumpkins and gourds, vining berries and the set of felt turkey napkin rings that I made.

There isn’t really too much more to it.  It was colorful and delightful to view and it really added a much stronger message of Thanksgiving in my home than without it.

So with Thanksgiving on its way, Matt and I wish you one of the happiest ones ever.  Let it be a time to spend family and close friends, maybe neighbors or new friends, whatever the case may you be happy, healthy and full in your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving


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