October’s Tree Had to be About Halloween


All you need is a witch’s hat as the “star”, to get this Halloween tree off to a great start. Wrap around some spider’s web and bring in a bat or two and you’re well on your way!

OK, things are going to start getting really good here as the fall approaches.  I’m not sure if the Halloween tree is my favorite or perhaps November’s.  This is so exciting!!

As you can see, I filled the tree with as many large items as I could find and for the first time considered the base of the tree.  Now, I might go back to some of the other designs and place some items at the bottom to add more interest and a foundation of sorts.

So, basically, this tree started out as all the others – a green tree with white lights.  I didn’t want to mess with this formula too much because it would have taken so much time to change the lights to orange or multicolored and I wanted this project to be fun, not stressful.  I will say that by this time, I needed to add some new lights.  A couple of the strings stopped lighting as I imagine these things aren’t supposed to last forever!



If you are planning to have a tree up for a year, consider purchasing a few extra strands of lights while they are still available.  Fortunately, I have a “Christmas Shop” in my area so lights are always available.

After replacing a couple strands of lights, I brought out the spider webs.  You know that you can buy this in a small baggie and it pulls and stretches to cover an unbelievable amount of space!  Once they were in place, some of you will recognize that I used my Bat Napkin Rings as ornaments on the tree.  They looked marvelous and perhaps for next year I’ll make some of them in different sizes without the “ring” for napkins on the back!  If you are interested in making Bat Napkin Rings, check out our e-store for the pattern.


The larger ornaments followed which were a variety of pumpkins I had for decorating for both October and November.  Then, I added a few of the items I had around for Halloween, like the big black witches cauldron.


Our very large and fuzzy spider also found a place on the tree.  He is attached near the bottom, the cauldron is about in the middle on the opposite side of the tree, and I have a black owl that was placed on the top right side of the tree.  This way the few extra items I had were scattered in the tree evenly and I didn’t feel like I had to purchase anything additional.


As I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I added anything to the base of the tree.  Of course, the tombstones were only natural and it was an idea that didn’t take much thinking on my part!  The other months would be a bit tougher, but once in a while it would be a great look!


Then, what better tree topper than a black witch’s hat!  This was fun because it extended the height of the tree and just looked like it really belonged.

Here you can see the owl and his glowing eyes at the top of the tree too!

For those of you who aren’t interested in Halloween, this would be a great month to create just a lovely autumn tree.  Go ahead and use pumpkins and gourds, lots of fall colored leaves, and pinecones.  You could make up some felt ornaments in the shape of acorns.  Add all sorts of berries or wheat stalks, cattails, even strands of cranberries would work.

The options are endless if you open your mind and use nature as your inspiration.  Have fun, enjoy and show off your creation to family and friends!


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