September is a Back To School Tree


A Back To School tree just might get the kids a little bit more excited for the inevitable end of summer event…maybe?

There was no question in my mind what to do for September when the time came to change out the tree for all seasons.  One of the most universal events in our world happens in September (or close to it) and we have all experienced it – “Back to School”!

I was actually hoping that the creation of the tree might make my kid’s get really excited about the upcoming event.  Well, they loved the tree….and that’s about as far as that went!

Fortunately, as school did get started, they were able to grab things off the tree to use in their classrooms like pencils, rulers and small notepads!


Basically, the tree came together easily with the purchase of a set of large block stencils that I snipped apart and then strung together spelling the message I wanted, “Back to School”.  I used twine and tied the end on branches so the garland wouldn’t slip.

The decorations were mini college notebooks, bundles of pencils with ribbon around them, wooden rulers and apples with pretty lime green bows.  I used the twine to make loops for everything to attach to the branches.


The topper?  A graduation cap of course!  We all have one of these lying around somewhere doing no one any good, so bring it out and at least give it a purpose for one month of the year!!

You know, while writing this little article it dawned on me that my daughter is just going to start her first year as the primary teacher in a kindergarten classroom.  Wouldn’t the little ones just love to see the Tree for all Seasons change in their classroom?  I’ll talk to her about it right away and let you know if she decided to do it!


Guess what?  It’s easy to talk your kids into doing something when you volunteer to actually do the project yourself!  So, here’s the “Welcome to Kindergarten” tree in Brittany’s classroom.  Notice its right next to the fire extinguisher!  Hahaha!

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about the August Tree for all Seasons.  It makes me feel like the year’s worth of effort was well worth it!

Happy September!


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