Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Every Personality

No two Valentine’s are the same, so why buy them all the same gift?  This list helps you select just the right gift for just the right personality. 

OK, it’s time to update the list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.  And since there are so many different personalities out there, we’ll break them down a bit this year.  For instance, there’s the Romantic, the Care-giver, the Comic, and the Pragmatist. So, consider what type of Valentine you are, and select your gifts from the appropriate category!  Now what could be easier than that?


The Romantic
You are a Romantic if when thinking about gift giving you are drawn toward gifts that appeal to the senses.

Sweet aromatic soaps
Homemade cookies or candy
Romantic CD or DVD
Linen embroidered guest towels


The Care-giver
The Care-giver is always thinking of ways to make their loved one more comfortable.

A cozy blanket or throw
Red flannel or velvet PJs
Cashmere sweaters
Beautiful wool scarf
Soft, warm gloves
Spa package


The Comic
Always a jokester, the Comic does give useful gifts; they just have a humorous story to go along with them!

A Sock Monkey Kit
Old Fashioned Card Games
Jelly of the Month club
Self help magazines
Lip balm


The Pragmatist
A Pragmatist is someone who values practicality, so if you’d prefer to give an umbrella over a piece of jewelry, you are probably a practical person!

Personalized Stationary
Make-up Bag
Pretty Compact Umbrella
Trendy White Watch
Small appliances

Once you come to terms with the type of gift giving you enjoy, it will make selecting the gift that much easier.  The receiver knows you by now and knows what to expect, so it’s all good!!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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