How To

The HOW TO category is just that…it’s how to get things done around the house from general home care to painting and papering, building useful projects, and taking care of the garage and exterior of your home as well. You’ll find lots of fun shop projects along with expert advice on tools, storage, organization and more.

Home care category

Home Care

Clean, care for and maintain your home and it’s furnishings so they can take care of you!

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Paint and Paper category

Paint and Paper

Learn the proper techniques and tools for dressing all those bare walls, ceilings, doors and trim!

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Shop Projects category

Shop Projects

Why buy it when you can build it? Check out all of these great home furnishing and accent projects you’re bound to love!

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Tools category


Learn from our experience what tools make up a good tool kit and shop. Know what to look for when you are buying.

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Organization category


Closets, drawers, kitchen, cabinets got you down? Read a couple tips for cleaning them up and keeping them manageable!

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Garages category


From floors, to doors, organization and more, outfit that garage so it works for you and your family!

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